This is a minor glyph for paladins and is useable for some roleplay stuff. Pala goes on his knees and some light around him for like 8 seconds.

so basically the effect is just for some visual effects and nothing else, but there is an interesting mechanic behind this glyph:

casting few spells like flash of light does not remove the effect, that means you're still on your knees and the other players does not see you casting unless they check the castbar and the visual light on your hands.

i have never seen any pala using this spell efficiently and you can use it in combat ofc. combat hits break the effect, like getting a melee hit.

you can use contemplation and cast "fear" for example while remaining on your knees. you're opponnent will maybe think "wtf is he doing?" and wont counterspell, because he doesnt see you casting

its also adds some different playstyle to your pala... just try it out and have some fun with it

btw you can use contemplation and cast mount while beeing on your knees, you will have the knee animation on the mount + the light on the mount until you start flying.

it also works with rezzing an enemy player in arena and you can basically add it into any cast

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