Stonetusk Boar  is the mob you will be farming either at 33.6, 85.4 or 42.0, 86.6 Elwynn Forest.

  1. Make a druid.
  2. Level it to 5 or 6 and run it to Stormwind.
  3. Take flight from Stormwind to Goldshire
  4. In Goldshire go and get Skinning and Leatherworking from Lien Farner - NPC - World of Warcraftwhich should cost 20c and another 6 slot bag from Brog Hamfist - NPC - World of Warcraft which should cost 4s 75c. Which you should have enough to buy both.
  5. Run over to one of the spots of the boars and begin to kill and skin.

I run Druid because you can Moonfire+Rejuv+Catform(level 6). And you like cannot die even with 5 mobs on you at once.

I got about 3 stacks of 20 of Light Leather - Item - World of Warcraft within about 20 minutes of time. Each stack will go for no little than 19g on each server so a minimum (19x3) x3 =171g/hr. Which is really not bad on a new server.

This is nothing crazy i know but it reallllllyyy helps specially if u would like to start off with a few hundred gold on a new server. Enjoy. And ty for future feedback.

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