Friday, December 27

Random whisper from a level 18 Tauren Druid

I do stuff kinda like this when I give out gold. I whisper lowbies and ask them to help me kill a rare or ask for a weird common item that drops in the zone, etc... Then if they come through I give em 500 at least, more for stranger tasks. I gave someone a disgusting oozeling, a lesser voidcaller, and 3k for bringing me 4 stacks of boar ribs.

I've been getting more and more strange encounters like this lately. Not sure why. Sometimes it's me trying to initiate the random social encounter because i'm bored and want to talk to people.

A couple days ago me and some tauren were sitting inside the fountain inside the Shrine talking about a bunch of nonsense. soon we had a group of about 5 sitting in the fountain. we weren't even an RP server.

no shirts were allowed though. it's nice seeing that people are willing to just mess around and socialize every once in a while.

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