As most of you know those containers can cost quite a bit of gold on some busy servers and since almost all ppl buy these containers for mounts/pets why not buy them on a quiet server?

Mounts/pets are all bind on account so it doesn't matter on what server you learn them.
So this guide is mostly about getting your gold to that low pop server without much effort.

Step 1:
Buy mini pets like pandaren earth/fire/water/air spirit or mountain/snowy/sunfur panda on your own busy server and learn them.

Step 2:
Make a new char on a quiet server with low BMAH prices and a working AH, make sure to check the AH to see if it's not to quiet since you need to sell some things here.
check both horde/ally to see where you have the best chance.

Step 3:
Cage all the pets you just bought and learned on your high pop server and sell them on your new server.
Since there's not that many ppl doing those daily's on quiet servers you can sell those pets for quite a bit more that on your high pop realm.

Step 4:
Make an other char on that low pop server and get a summon/portal to pandaria and park him at the BMAH and you're all done

There's also a few other pets you can do this with so just try and see what works for you.

On the server i do this on i can easily sell one pet for 2k each and Unclaimed Black Market containers will go for 10-15K over there.

The worst thing that can happen is that you get one of the rare mounts out of your container and you have to lvl your char up to 60, if this is the case.. Make a dk and level it out of the zone.
Hope it helps for some of you out there on high pop realms

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