So I was boosting my warlock with my 90 druid through halls of lightning.
My lock being 76 and got 40% in 1 run but I noticed these rock elementals called slums die pretty fast and then respawn instantly.
But they give no loot.

I had to give leader to the toon I was leveling then leave the group with my 90 to stay in.

Unrested I was getting 1700 a kill as they aren't elites, they are level 79-80.
All you have to do is kill the first boss and enter the room with the slum elemental then get someone to clear it or
you clear it and go to the spot I marked with an X. You could bot there or just sit there and keep killing nonstop.

I think any class could do this.
I was only pulling 4 at a time but there is around 12 or 14 in the room.
Just don't kill the second boss or they will disappear.

You can stay in there for as long as you want and keep killing, I didn't try it with the guild banner tho.
I have got full heirlooms on.

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