This only works for Alliance from what i know so sorry hordes! I transfered one of my characters just to farm :P Also i want to note! This was NOT found by me, this was found by the moderator "Norrski" in the stream Davex41 (i'm a long time subscriber and moderator and have been following since this was found) and this spot was optimized by alot of people but this wouldnt be possible without Davex  I'm simply spreading around what i've found works best for me!

Okay! So this spot as any spot ofcourse builds on your server having a decent economy!  This spot requires you to be on the quest: Let them burn
This quest comes along while you're doing your normal questing from getting to pandaria so if you've done it already. You're kind of f*cked :S

Also this spot requires you to use Potion of Luck this item makes the mobs have a chance of dropping Plundered Treasure that can give you any of the following:
Windwool Cloth
White Trillium Ore
Black Trillium Ore
Ghost Iron Ore
Exotic Leather
Mote of Harmony
Or a mist of pandaria blue binds on equipped item that sells for up to 10k!!!!

The mobs you'll be farming mainly is Slingtail Recruit however there's other mobs around there that will occasionally come along however if you can chose you want to kill slingtail since they've got alot less health.

Now, to where the spot is and how to farm here efficiently!

Here's a little video of what you do when you're here!

 Okay so that's sorted, you know where to farm, why to farm there and how to farm there. Now what?

To optimize this spot you will want Tailoring, Enchanting and possibly mining. This is what i've found works out. This because windwool cloth stacks nowadays sell for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! They're like 7-8g max and many times even lower. So you can do a couple of things, you can create Bolt of Windwool Cloth and from there create BoE PVP gear that you can either disenchant or sell on AH depending on prices (however you don't want to flood AH so maybe do 4-5 to put on AH and disenchant rest). You DONT want to disenchant greens normally since it simply isnt worth the time/gold. You even many times lose gold from it, i'd recommend you to just sell the greens alternativly AH some of them but i find that a waste of time and alot of work. You can also create trillium bars from the ore you recieve and ghost iron bars depending on your economy.

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