World of Warcraft veteran players have been targeted many times by these kinds of email spams. They must have learned their lesson by now. They should not fall for these sorts of tricks.

People who have less exposure in the online gaming, and are new to this sort of scheming, be careful not to go wildly clicking on seemingly legit looking emails claiming to be from the company Blizzard.

These emails are designed to trick players into giving up account details by claiming to be Blizzard and offering an Enchanted Fey Dragon mount, complete with bogus code.

The email lists a Battle.net address that simply mousing over will reveal is, in fact, a non-Blizzard website. This should go without saying by now, but don’t go clicking on the link as it’s often times either a bogus phishing site designed to trick you into giving up account information, or even dumping a virus or keylogger program onto your PC.

Emails similar to that has been one we received have also been reported on the WoW forums, where Blizzard’s CS team was quick to warn players not to be duped by the phishing with false freebies.

This is not a new tactic by any means. These sorts of tricks have been used in countless variations over the years, so just consider this your local Public Service Announcement on yet another one.

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