A death knight in blood spec can obtain bloody coins without killing. It is easy, you only need the toy Fire-Watcher's Oath.

(The link to the item in wowhead: Fire-Watcher's Oath - Item - World of Warcraft)

Then how to get coins?
Be in blood spec, use the Fire-Watcher's Oath, and keep hitting anything can be hit in the following 10 minutes, and wait. Yes, anything, it can be a training dummy. You can just right click a dummy and leave.

Is this tested?
Tested in US server and Asian server.

Any logic behind it?
As far as I can see, you are likely to receive a blood coin when your blood parasites burst. I think some bugs cause the system to believe "you make a a PVP kill" when your blood parasites die.

Is this method efficient?
Well, your gains of bloody coins is randomized. That means if you are lucky you can get more than 9 coins in 10 minutes. However, you may received only 1 or 2 if fortunes does not smile on you.
Fire-Watcher's Oath has a 60 minutes CD while the last time is only 10 minutes. It may not be as efficient as killing alts in timeless isle, but thus method really gives your coins even you are in poor gear and not being a rogue.

Is there anything to make it quicker?
The more haste you have, the more coins you get. You can use unholy presence and use dual wield two fast weapons and choose a low level dummy. It seems that heart strike can get more parasites spawn so potentially increase the coins, but you can just right click the dummy and do anything else to avoid spend tedious ten minutes with a stupid dummy.

WIll I get banned for using it?
Sorry I dont know either
I have farmed about 100 coins so I really dont want to be banned.

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