Alright; During this fight I got mind controlled by one of the adds I had pulled while making my way there. The spell caused my pet to dismiss itself in a sense of which the action bar and the unit frame disappeared. I naturally called it back and it joined the chaos of mobs/bosses/stampede. Once the fight was over, I saw this:

I had two turtles actively following me. There were no extra bar, and the additional one didn't react with CDs or pet commands. Also, the "real" pet positioned itself behind me, while the "fake" one took the usual spot:

I then thought to myself: "Hm, might only be visual then!" - And to my surprise, the "fake" pet actually reacts with Assist/Defensive/Passive and serves as another functional pet in combat. However, as far as I documented, it only auto-attacks:

Feel free to toy around with this and find out more, as I managed to hearth and end up losing one of them:

... What if my real turtle got replaced by the fake one and this is just the beginning of some genius plan made by pets of another dimension!

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