just gonna share a spot that will help you gain up to 2M experience per hour for leveling from 81 through 85.

NPC: Neferset Guard 
Location: Uldum
HP: ~53K
Level: 83
Exp per kill: 4.7k with heirlooms, 5.4k with heirlooms + guild banner.
Exp per hour: 1.4M unrested, 2M+ rested.

Potions, food, or a class with self-healing or a tank class. This will make farming this location MUCH easier, because there are a LOT of mobs around that you'll be wanting to pull massively.

Bot to use if botting: (optional, decreases Exp/hour)

(Horde) [H - Grind] Kob's Uldum 82-85
(Alliance) [Alliance][GrindBuddy] Neferset Guards - 2+Million Xp Per Hour

Plugins to use if botting:
[Plugin] Battle Standard of Coordination Dropper!
^ Use this, and start the bot while at the grind zone, because this plug-in drops the banner as soon as the bot starts!

If you're doing this legit, you can easily earn more exp per hour by doing bigger pulls, and bigger clearings.

Doing this botting, I was earning ~1.3-1.5m exp/hour on a Protection Warrior, level 81-83.
Doing this legitimately, I was earning ~1.8-2.1m exp/hour on a Protection Warrior, level 83-85.

Recommended items:
*Heirloom legs (1-85)
*Heirloom Shoulders (1-85 Upgraded version)
*Heirloom cloak (1-85)
*Heirloom Helmet (1-85)
*Heirloom Chest (1-85 Upgraded version)
*Heirloom shield (1-85) (If you can wear a shield, it helps a LOT with survival)
*Cataclysm-era weapon(s)
*Cataclysm-era boots, rings, bracers, gloves, and necklace (For added survivability)
*Guild Battle Standard of Cooperation (+15% experience per kill)

My gear/bags:
Here is my gear setup + bag setup. The Embersilk Cloth is all from farming the Guards for a few hours. Also got a LOT of greens. Total earned was probably around 1,500g from 82-85, and it didn't take much time at all!

I was doing this in the 1-80 Plate Heirloom set (of course the helm/legs/cloak/shield were all 1-85 scaled), and didn't have too much of an issue. My HP did suffer by about 15k, compared to using Cataclysm gear, however. I didn't see much of a problem, though.

Basically, all you need to do, is round the mobs up, and kill them all quickly.
They have an extremely fast respawn time, so you can clear the area and be ready to start again by the time you down the last mob.

Embersilk Cloth is a common drop from these mobs.
I got ~11 stacks, and passed up a lot more by looting greens instead.
These sell for ~30-60g per stack, averaging at around 40g per stack on all servers.
You will profit a good bit from doing this!
Embersilk Cloth

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