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Sunday, January 12

Smallest possible character model in warcraft

Steps (you'll need al-li's skymirror):
  1. Buy lots of noggenfogger elixir from the vendor in Tanaris using your main.
  2. Travel to Dalaran. Go to the sewers. Log out.
  3. Log in on alt.
  4. Go to sewers on alt. Find underbelly elixirs and keep trying them till you get the wasp debuff. 
  5. Keep your alt logged in while you open a second warcraft application.
  6. Log in on your main on the second application. Have your main find your alt in the sewers (they'll still be visible for 45 seconds).
  7. Drink noggenfogger till you get the shrink debuff. Cast al-li's skymirror on your alt.
You should now be a translucent wasp that is very tiny even for a wasp. Apart from the lolz, you are
extremely difficult to target in pvp with a mouse. I just came out of a bg with more kb's
than the rest of the team put together-something I can't ever remember doing as a fire mage.
I got the first attack in about 90% of the time.

So far as I know this is the smallest possible size you can be without trying to get hit
repeatedly by very temporary debuffs in dungeons.

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