As we all know, season 14 ends this week. In the new season grievous gear will be purchasable for honor points.

The point of the topic: 2 similar unique-equipped ring can be equipped.
For instance a warrior can have 2 crit rings equipped:
Grievous Gladiator's Signet of Cruelty + Grievous Gladiator's Signet of Cruelty

But why not equip a Grievous and a Prideful ring of the same kind?
You could, and you would get the same benefit. However I think it's better to buy first the pieces that clestials can't drop

Here's a screen from the ptr:

PS: I can't decide if this is an exploit so I'm posting this here. They're not the same rings, however they have the same name and stats.

PS2: I know this provides very little benefit and will be totally useless as the season progresses, but it could give you an edge at the beginning of the season.

TL;DR version:
  • Buy a ring with the best stats for your class before the season ends for conquest points
  • Buy the same ring after the season ends for honor points
  • Now you have 2 rings with the best stats for your class equipped

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