I want to share my method which I currently use to make profit/cash.

I'm not talking about gold. I'm talking about real profit/cash and I want you to tell you the whole story.
I have like 100k WoW-gold at the moment and wanted to sell it, so I started to check how much money I could get.

The money I got offered was between 0.28cent - 0.4cent/1k. So in the end, I could get 28-40€ if I would sell it to a buyer.

Sounds not very profitable for me. So, what I did was: Trading my WoW-Gold vs D3-Gold via the WoWingame tradechat on my server.

If you dont have any D3 accounts or experience, you basically can stop reading here.

So why do you want to trade your WoW-Gold against D3-Gold?
Because you can sell D3-Gold very easy, fast and usually in a more profitable way. More calcs later.

Many WoW players have played D3, stopped playing it and are now sitting at millions of gold. You want to trade with those kind of players. They think "I don't play the game anymore, so I don't need the gold." You can use this in your favor when discussing about the ratio. They will usually accept, if you offer them a decent amount. I will discribe some scenarios later.

Many players don't have a clue about the value and they usually ask for the ratio, without even knowing how much gold they have.

You will create makros, because you don't want to type 24/7. You should also create an extra-chat-tab with whispers only. This allows a better overview.

You should create a Makro : I want to trade WoW-Gold vs D3-Gold.
(Notice, that you didn't say clear if you want to sell or to buy WoW-Gold!)

Three different scenarios or possible whispers you will get:

1. "Do you want WoW-Gold or D3-Gold?"

Well usually, 95% of the time, the ppl whispering you, want to sell their D3-Gold. It is very unlikely, that someone wants to give you WoW-Gold for your D3-Gold. But it's not impossible. Months ago, I was buying D3-Gold for 1m = 100g ratio and was selling D3-Gold with 1m = 1000g ratio with the same makro! Anyway, you will reply with "How much Gold do you have?". This answer will make them say if they have WoW-Gold or D3-Gold and you will see if the amount is worth a trade.

2. "Ratio?" or "How much?"

Seriously, I hate ppl who ask this right away, but unfortunatly, the majority of the players does that. You're answer will be "I need 1b for mp10". This will drive the talk in the complete opposite direction. He may reply with the amount of gold he has to sell or maybe with "Oh, thats much but I think I have 2mD3-Gold."

Serious? Having 2m D3-Gold and asking for ratio? Sounds terrible, but thats common.

3. "What do you pay for 500m Gold?"

Your answer will depend on what you prefer and how good you are at social engineering. You can answer with "1k per 100m" or "1k per 500m" or "1k per 42b". If we assume, that 1k would be a fair offer, the potential trader will say "2k and deal" or "LOL NEVER" or "Ok sounds fair". They don't have a clue about the price anyway and I made the experience, that they want 30k for 500m, because 30k just seems fair or is high enough for them to accept. You will offer them 20k and they will accept for 25k. And 30k was still cheap for 500m. (Note: 500m sells for ca. 22€ in RMAH. Thats almost the money you would have got for selling 100k to a buyer, but you just sold 25k)

Calculation and prices:

First: Don't try to discuss about the prices by taking ebay-prices. This can still be useful, because theWow goldprice at ebay is insanely high and the D3-Goldprice at ebay is similar to the D3-RMAH-Goldprice.

First of all, you have to calculate the real ratio. Check, how much money you could get if you would sell your gold to a buyer. You will get a ratio like i said before: 0.28-0.4/1k.

Letz make a scenario:

You have 100k Wow-Gold. You would get 35€ by selling it to a buyer. What would be the ratio for trading your Wow-gold into D3-Gold and make profit?

Alright. To get 35€ with selling D3-Gold, you have to have 850m D3-Gold. Those would sell for 34.34€ at the current Gold-price. If you would transfer the Gold to your paypal, you will loose 2*15%. 34.34€ will now be 24.82€. Huge right? You can always consider to transfer it to battle.net balance or the stock theD3-Gold, because the D3-Goldprice goes up atm.

So how much D3-Gold do you have to sell, to get 35€ after 2x15%? After calculations, you have to sell 1,2b D3-Gold, which would be 48€ and 35€ after 2*15%.

So, if you trade your 100k Wow-gold into more than 1.2b D3-Gold, you would make real profit. D3-Gold is currently splitted into 50m parts, that means
1.2b = 24*50m.

100k/24 = 4166g per 50m. So the ratio will be: 4166g for 50m. For me, this seems highly overpriced and I would never pay 4166g for 50m.
The ratio is high, because the Wow-goldbuyers are giving you a very, very bad ratio and i don't recommend selling to them. So if anybody asks you for a ratio and you want to be fair, you can say 4166g/50m. But, I still think the other players want more, because they dont expect a fair offer right away.

I have done many trades so far and at first, I started to offer 3000g per 50m. (I prefered the money on my battle.net)
Than I said 3000g per 100m. Than I started to 1500g/50m. The other players still tried to rise the price and we finally traded at 2000g/50m.

It's a little bit about luck, but in the end, it's profit. Just that simple.

I currently spent 104k for 2.25b. Thats double profit. Thats double Wow-goldprice. Thats basically ebay-shop price.


Well, you're on ownedcore, so you basically have done anything which could get you banned - before. And if you think about trading your 240k face2face to a lvl 1 guy with chinese IP without having an ingame conversation, you're ban chance is much higher.

Who gives first?

You don't. (You should not post with a lvl 1 tho and make sure, the other player is not lvl 1, too.)

Last Hint:

If you want to try this out right now, dont be too fast. Don't trade with the first one. Maybe you can get a better ratio later.

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