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Sunday, March 9

Automating Guild Recruitment using logitech g110 or similar

First off you're going to need Super Guild Invite
Change the settings and recruitment message to whatever you like.
The key setting you need to change is "Set Keybind." Set this to whatever you like. I used Insert.

Open your logitech keyboard gaming software. The g110 version can be downloaded here.
Right click the G key you want to add a command to. I used G7. Click Assign New Command.

A new window will popup. In the textbox, press the key of the keybind you set in Super Guild Invite. Mine was Insert. Then click the drop-down box at the bottom under repeat options. Set it to toggle. The last setting is in the textbox right below that. I have mine set to 5000 milliseconds so that it doesnt become to spammy and still sends a message to the person it's inviting.

All you have to do now is run super guild invite and press the gkey you assigned. You should see it start automatically inviting people.

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