Hey guys, didn't see this posted anywhere but last night during RBG's we got out of the gate early, it works on both alliance and horde side. To do this you need a druid with the stag travel form or a chopper. Its similer steps for both mounts.

1. Have the druid mount up and turn sideways by the gate and have someone exit the vehicle. This should put them on the other side of the gate. If that person has a chopper people can just jump through the gate and get into the sidecar.

1. Have the mount turned to there the sidecar is pushed into the gate.
2. Have someone mount into the sidecar and then exit.
3. This should put them on the outside of the gate.

If you have a lock in the group, they can set up their gateway and you can port halfway to mid at the start of the match.

**Caution though, if you move to far from the gate it will port you back inside**


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