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Monday, March 3

Farm your alts for Bloody Coins on PVE or PVP server

Your alts need to be level 90 and on the same server. Take your coin farmer to a remote place on Timeless Isle and log out. Get on your alt take him to the same place. Get him naked and make sure hes flaged for pvp. Open a second WOW screen and log into the same account it should disconnect the other screen. Log into your coin farmer and kill your alt as he will be logged in for about 40 seconds.

Repeat on all your level 90s. Also your alts will get the debuff that requirs 10 mins to wear off but if they are logged out for 8 hours it comes off anyways. So if you have 10 alts you could farm a maximuim of 30 coins a day and have your mount in a few days!

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