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Wednesday, March 26

Legendary pet battle combo

This is short guide for a nice team which helps you slay all those single pet legendary battles.

  1. Yu`la.Broodling of Yu-lon - Breath / Celestial blessing / Life Exchange
  2. Zandalari Kneebiter (341 power breed) - Hunting party / Black claw / Bloodfang
  3. Random pet. I usually use 341P Kneebiter here also.

  1. Celesial blessing.
  2. Life exchange 
  3. Breath until you die

When your Yu´la dies bring in Kneebiter and you will gain -50% dmg taken shield for 3 rounds which makes your kneebiter godly.
  1. Black claw
  2. Hunting party
  3. Bloodfang if target ain´t dead yet.
You might wanna start with Kneebiter on wanderer since he sometimes tidal waves forever.

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