Tuesday, March 25

So, I was in Dire Maul a few days ago... and for some reason I couldn't help but make this...

Before I read the actual name for Dire Maul I thought it's name was actually Dire Mall and it was a run down market place or some sort of seedy dark black market area. That would be a fun instance. A bustling black market for bad guys and the party bursts in Jesus style and flips all the tables and fucks shit up. I didn't think it was weird. Seemed like a workable concept. Deep in the forests of Feralas, theres a huge black market known as the Dire Mall run by Ogres, Goblins, and Pirates who enter Feralas through the western coast, and after the cataclysm, easily through Thousand Needles.

You could even say defending against trafficking was a reason for having Feathermoon on that island, as a watch along the coast.

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