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Saturday, March 1

Using the Inflation - Materials below "lowest" price - Tailoring

The idea about using the inflation in this specific topic is to take use of people putting Crafting Materials - More specific Windwool Cloth - on the Auction House below the actual "value" you can sell it for to a vendor.

What I'm saying is that you're not supposed to sell the raw materials, but to craft it into the most profitable item and thereafter sell it.
It is all server dependant so it may work out differently on your server.

Tailoring Profession:
If you try to think about the value of a single Windwool Cloth piece, it should be 85 silver per piece - Spreadsheet below to support - so that means that whenever you see an auction on the AH where the price per piece is below 85 silver it should be profit for you if you purchase it, craft it into the most profitable item and hereafter sells it.
This also means that the Price of a Bolt of Windwool Cloth should be 4.25g (0.85x5).

I am uncertain whether or not this is possible to do with other professions since their Materials seems to be way more expensive than the Tailoring Materials.

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