Saturday, April 5

100% damage spellsteal buff that stacks

  1. Go to Shanze'Dao island in NW Pandaria.
  2. Pull any number of Shanze Serpentbinders (as many as you can handle). 
  3. Pull one (just one) Onyx stormclaw. Sheep or use cc to otherwise pacify this mob.
  4. The serpentbinders will each cast "Enchant serpent" on the sheeped stormclaw which is a 100% damage buff.
  5. Spellsteal these buffs and take them somewhere useful (eg world boss). You'll need gems/mana potions to spellsteal fast enough. 
  6. Because the buffs only last 20 seconds and ports takes at least half that, you may wish to use the icicle.
technique I posted recently.

Note this is quite advanced stuff. Because the serpentbinders have a quite nasty 1-second stun ability, it is almost impossible to do this effectively solo. Maybe with heroic raid gear, free action potion and various other tricks its just possible , but even though you have a serious problem keeping the buffs in sync.

 I held off posting this for a while for that reason. I've decided to share it because many of you took the icicle technique I recently posted and did more than ten times the damage I could with it, so maybe you can do great things with this also.

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