What is required for this exploit?
As far as I know you need to have at least one hunter for the use of freezeing trap! Either in your party of play one yourself. You should also have the glyph for knock trap

I was playing my hunter the other day and thought a bit extra around the fact that mobs don't go on DR when it comes to traps, such as freeze and explosive trap (with glyph for knock)

The expolit itself:
You are able to keep mobs in freeze trap and knock them around as far away from their spawn as u like. You can refresh the trap as it has no DR. However every time the trap breaks, it counts as if the mob has it's spawning location where it was released from the trap, not saying that it will stay there if you leave combat. Just that you are able to drag it about.. 20-30 yards just like you usually can with a mob that you aggro out in the wild. This will make you able to move a bit quicker but you will have to trap it again so that it doesn't reset.

My experience so far
I started out trying to get high level mobs into low level zones. What I came across as a problem that might limit this exploit is the phaseing when you move into different zones. When you phase in/out you will leave combat even if you have the target in a trap. I was first of all in Duskwood useing this trick to trap one of the big elite questmobs around the Raven Hill Cemetery. I tried to knock/drag it across the water into elwyn forest but came across my 2nd problem. This undead mob was unable to swim, so it wasn't possble to knock or have the mob draged across the water. I then instead tried with a bear, close to that water that was able to swim. Then I noticed the phaseing between Duskwood and Elwyn making it (as far as I know) impossible to drag it across.

I took a good look at the wow map thinking where I could find the highest levels next to the lowest level zones. So I travel to Twilight Highlands! where I recruited a few friends to make this go a whole lot faster(more about my friends later on). In Twilight Highlands I looked for mobs close to the boarder of either Wetlands or Loch Modan. I found a mob close to to Loch Modan. chose a Humanoid mob called Twilight Vindicator. Twilight Vindicator - NPC - World of Warcraft

I picked one of the spawns at the top left of the spawn locations (at wowhead) That was only about 100 yards from the boarder to loch modan. To be more exact it's one of the spawns a little bit to the right of the text that says "the bastion of twilight" if you look at the wowhead map. I don't think it matters to much, which mob u pick! it works with them all as long as they're not immune to trap effects. However this mob is a sort of paladin, which does AoE dmg so it can easily kill lowbies that gather around when the trap effect breaks, making it a whole lot of fun!

So my friends that I mentioned above just happend to be:

First of all a DK, that could grip the mob over and over again, another hunter to knock even more, a druid that could help with knock as well and a priest that could MC the mob if we managed to **** up by hitting it. We could then MC and heal it up to full. (only works with humanoid)

We then froze the mob into a trap, started to knock, grip etc.. this takes quite a while even tho it was 5 of us. Carefully going from Twilight Highlands all the way across Loch Modan, into the tunnels towards Dun Morogh. Not much trouble so far, a few lowbies got intrested and died along with some level 15-25 guards that attacked the mob, Which as I mention does some sort of AoE hitting targets that doesn't even have aggro as long as they're close.

We moved towards Kharanos, the small town in the middle of Dun Morogh, where we could easily find a lot of low level players! another problem came upon us by then! The high level guards and also the high level players who can easily kill the mob we're knocking around. This is where journey ended, was getting late so we simply killed it and went to bed.

The Four Problems:
Some mobs cannot swim, making it impossible to cross over water. Phasing resets combat (biggest problem imo), High level players/guards might ruin the fun, and last the fact that some mobs are immune to traps.

Something that might make this exploit gamebreaking is the fact that you can choose to trap Quest mobs, For example a mob that u have to kill to complete a quest, the one and only! If you take that mob and knock it far far away from it's original spawn and keep it in combat! never to be found by the players questing! it's really something that needs fixing

This morning I tried to drag/knock Mor'Ladim all the way from Raven Hill to Twilight Grove

As far as I could tell the mob did not respawn at the spawnloaction where we took it from. Killing this quest mob is the only way to complete the quest, and it's simply not at the location it's supposed to be at as long as I keep it in a trap and in combat somewhere else ^^

Sidenote.... (Hogger is immune to traps unfortunatly, would've been fun to knock him all the way to SW gates just cause of the show)

I'm sure people can take this even further if you have the patince,

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