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Monday, April 7

Best Skyshard, Spirit of Harmony, Imperial Silk, Windwool Cloth farming spot!

There are 5 picture about every spot:
1. Spot

2. Spot

3. Spot

4. Spot

5. Spot

I think, everyone know how to grind these mobs, pull everything together and AoE them down and watch for the lightning on the ground.

You should use Potion of Luck for more gold, materials. The mobs are dropping Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Key so by using these you can open boxes in the cave, you can loot Imperial Silk / Spirit of Harmony / Golden Lotus reputation items and stuffs like that :

There are my loots after every Potion of Luck:
First 20 min :
  • 2x Imperial Silk
  • 2x Spirit of Harmony
  • 24x Mote of Harmony 
  • 272x Windwool Cloth
  • 20x Spirit Dust
  • 14x Exotic Leather
  • 3x Black Trillium Ore
  • 5x White Trillium Ore
  • 6x Ghost Iron Ore

+574 gold looted (I sold the greens)

Second 20 min :
  • 25x Mote of Harmony
  • 266x Windwool Cloth
  • 20x Spirit Dust
  • 39 Exotic Leather
  • 6x Black Trillium Ore
  • 22x White Trillium Ore
  • 6x Gost Iron Ore
  • 1x Ghost Iron Lockbox

+615 gold looted (I sold the greens)

Third 20 min :
  • 1x Spirit of Harmony
  • 30x Mote of Harmony
  • 240x Windwool Cloth
  • 40x Spirit Dust
  • 9x Exotic Leather
  • 21x Black Trillium Ore
  • 14x White Trillium Ore
  • 13x Ghost Iron Ore
  • 1x Golden Lotus
  • 20x Green Tea Leaf
  • 1x Ghost Iron Lockbox

+740 gold looted (I sold the greens)

Fourth 20 min :
  • 1x Imperial Silk
  • 3x Spirit of Harmony
  • 19x Mote of Harmony
  • 254x Windwool Cloth
  • 60x Spirit Dust
  • 1x Sha Crystal
  • 35x Exotic Leather
  • 16x Black Trillium Ore
  • 21x White Trillium Ore
  • 33x Ghost Iron Ore
  • 4x Golden Lotus
  • 20x Snow Lily
  • 20x Rain Poppy
  • 4x Ghost Iron Lockbox

+731 gold looted (I sold the greens)

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