This exploit will allow you to show a lot of non combat pet. What are non combat pet ? They are pets like murloc or rabbit, not used by hunter or warlock. 

What you need to do this exploit ? You need to be 2 players, and to have both a Clockwork rocket bot, or 1 clockwork rocket bot and 1 lil XT. The move is simple :

1/ Player A is the player who will have multiples pet and Player B is the player who will help Player A to get multiples pet
2/ Player B use his clockwork rocket bot / mini XT
3/ Player A use his clockwork rocket bot

Now it's where the trick start

4/ Player B's clockwork / mini XT will launch a missile on Player A's pet
5/ Player A need to use the pet he wants to duplicate when the missile kill his pet. He has to use the new pet when the missile kills the clockwork bot because the game will consider his pet is dead and Player A will be able to use another pet
6/ Player A now have the pet he "duplicated". He can use any pet and keep the one he "duplicated"

You can use this glitch infinite times and it's pretty cool with spring rabbit.

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