So initially blizzard is making it so we rely on ground mounts in WoD.

But i'm going to tell you how you can soar / fly temp around all of Draenor and reach new heights.

Things you will need:

  • Falling Flame obtained from Cinderfall on the timeless isle ( 2.09% drop rate )
  • Goblin Glider( for engineers ) 
  • Goblin Glider Kit ( non engineers, you only require the Engineering Works " part of the garrison " )
Now face the direction you wish to fly, and falling flame will propell you in that direction REALLY really far! When you achieve the desired height pop the goblin glider, or glider kit and you will slow fall now you can control where you fly to and where you land.

Priest: Can use levitate to slowfall down
Mage's: Slowfall
or you may decide to buy some slowfall potions Potion of Slow Fall 

I know this may not be a very huge exploit but it will allow you to fly anywhere in draenor without requiring the ablity to fly.

See you all in Draenor

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