World of Warcraft is finally set to invade the big screen and fans will get a first taste of what that invasion will look like at the 2015 ComicCon in San Diego this week. Indeed, "Warcraft", the movie based on the popular MMORPG, has been in the making for an extremely long time. We first heard about a WoW movie being produced back in 2006, so provided the June, 2016 release date is indeed met, we will witness a film which will have taken a nifty decade to make. Granted however, not all 10 years were taken up by hard work on the title: Legendary Pictures and Blizzard took quite some time to hammer out all the details, but now all parties are happy and the project has entered its home stretch. According to director Duncan Jones, of the 1,000 visual shots that have been planned for the movie, there are less than 50 left to do.
Filming took place in 2014, and with the movie currently in post-production, it's all wrapped up now.

Warcraft is built around the core premise of World of Warcraft, depicting the struggle between the Alliance and the Horde while bringing to life a motley cast of characters fans and players of the game are all too familiar with, including Garona, Lothar, Durotan and King Llyn Wrynn, among others. The story is set in Azeroth and visual-effect-wise nothing was spared to recreate the atmosphere of the game in as genuine a form as possible.

Putting the film together was quite a challenge for Jones, considering the fact that he had to marry off two potentially conflicting objectives: on one hand, he had to make sure that fans of the game would find his creation entertaining, while on the other, he had to get people unfamiliar with the realm of Azeroth hooked too.

Actors Toby Kebell, Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster and Dominic Cooper are the ones trusted with bringing the popular WoW characters to life. Leroy Jenkins is rumored to have landed a cameo in Warcraft too. Paula Patton will play Garona, a half-orc character, a task for which motion-capture techniques have been employed.
Considering the scale of the project, the time it took to bring it together and the potential impact of the film, Legendary Pictures are unusually quiet about who from among the above listed actors would be present at ComicCon to answer fans' questions and to drop spoiler-bits. It is likely though that as secretive as the whole Warcraft efforts appears now, with the release date drawing near, we'll see the hype gradually built by ever more generous trailers and spoilers hitting the internets.

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