So I had a theory after seeing the thread about forcing someone to flag by throwing stuff at their pet.
My theory was that you could mess with your own factions NPCs in the same way (or almost.)

My experiment proved to be pretty fun!

  • Step 1: Collect Savage Snowballs. Only these. The other ones do not work.
  • Step 2: Fly over to Org and head to Vol'jin's current location (RIP Garrosh)

What happened?

Upon throwing the snowball, my PVP was suddenly flagged and the text for entering combat came up for a short second. To my delight, Local Defense also came up saying that "Grommash Hold is under Attack!"
Throwing more snowballs spammed this warning to the entire city and people started flocking over looking for an Alliance raid or something. People were spamming swipe and other AOE with no luck while I just sat there and smiled.

So far I've only tested it in Org on Vol'jin. But I'm sure it works elsewhere too!
Have fun

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