Friday, April 8

The innocence of a first time WoW player

I remember the first time I deleted my hearthstone, I thought my character was fucked up and I had to delete it. Actually, I remember thinking Teldrassil was the entire world. My fondest memory was being a level 9 Tauren hunter. I found a town by the sea and got on a boat. I was eaten by tigers.

The second was a night elf that I found Undercity on and sat on the throne but got scared.

I was completely new to MMOs, had maybe an hour under my belt, some level ?? Night elf was in the Orc starting zone and following me around. I mash my buttons as melee over and over again. As soon as the boar died my mashing made me hit the hunter. I said sorry in chat (not /sorry) and she killed me anyways. I Rez and try and explain that I didn't mean to hit her. She kills me again. I can't remember how it ended but I thought she could understand me lol. And I was amazed at how far away she was killing me with a bow so I got one as soon as possible, crippling my thrown skill for years.

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