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Transmogrification: [Hunter] 'Soul Burner'

I admit that I'm normally extremely negative about miss matching different class tier looks with another class, but with that pet, the gun... it... works.

HELM - [Fel-Proof Goggles] (WoD | Tanaan Jungle | Treasure)
SHOULDERS - [Pauldrons of Rapid Coagulation] (WoD | Hellfire Citadel | Mythic)
CHEST - [Vestment of Illusory Might] (WoD | Hellfire Citadel | Mythic)
GLOVES - [Gloves of Taut Grip] (WotLK | Ulduar | 10N)
WAIST - [Torch-Brazed Waistguard] (WoD | Hellfire Citadel | Mythic)
WEAPON - [Taoren, the Soul Burner] (MoP | Terrace of the Endless Spring | Heroi


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