Saturday, May 7

Oops... 6 digit mistake.

Was having a bidding war against someone for this Royal Satchel... Was getting sick of being outbid as fast as I was bidding, so I decided to jump the price from 160g to 500g... Only thing is, I accidentally left the 160 in before I added the 500, and ended up bidding 160,500g.

I instantly went numb when I saw the mistake I had made, and was ready to go cry in the shower, when buddy who was bidding against me hit his bid button without looking, and outbid me.

Needless to say, whoever had that Royal Satchel in the AH is going to be laughing all the way to the bank... And you're welcome, if you're here! :D Oh.. and.. Sorry.. If you're here. :/

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