This is my third guide and this one will be a bit shorter than my previous ones. I used this method about a week ago and won 3500 pvp pet battles in 6 days.

DISCLAIMER: As many others have speculated not all accounts will match and, although some theories have been crafterd, people are still not 100% certain what the hidden restrictions are. This guide is meant to perfect the wintrade between accounts that are able to match. To read more about this and find out if your accounts match, scroll down the the "Additional Information" section.

How to wintrade PvP pet battles and win a match ever 30 seconds.

First, let's look at what you can gain from doing this.

  • This farm is done with the "Find Battle" system and counts toward achievements such as Legendary Pet Brawler, Legendary Pet Battler and No Time To Heal.
  • Note: Deadly Pet Brawler will NOT be gained because you will not use a full team of level 25 pets for this method.
  • This farm can be done from your garrison and can thus count toward the Draenor Pet Brawler achievement.
  • This farm will also allow you to level your pets, making it useful to level your roster of pets which would count towards achievements such as 
  • Rookie Pet Mob and Pro Pet Mob.
  • Note: As this guide is posted (14/7) until the 18th there is an active pet battle bonus event which increases the pet battle experience gained by 200%. Very helpful if you want to level your pet while wintrading.
Step 1 - Account Setup

  • For this farm to work you will need two accounts. One account that is to win every match and one that will forfeit.
  • Note: You can NOT use two accounts on a single Bnet as only one account at a time is allowed to pet battle on a single Bnet.
  • The winning and losing account needs at two level 25 pets and at least one low level pet (same level on both accounts).
  • OPTIONAL: If you want to also level your pets the winning accounts needs a large pool of low level pets, about 50 pets per 1000 wins would be a rough estimate. The account I used had about 400 low level pets ranging from 1-16 and after the farm I had no pet below level 16.The losing account needs at least one pet of every level, but I would advice you to have atleast two in case of any mishaps during the farm.

Step 2 - The Golden Macro
This farm is very efficient thanks to a certain macro used on both the winning and losing account, with only a little tweak in the code between the accounts. See images below:

This macro will both queue up, accept the queue and forfeit the game on the losing account. As seen in the images the first two lines of the code is exactly the same for both parts, however the losing account must add the third line to also forfeit the active match with the same key. I will post the full macro below:

/script C_PetBattles.StartPVPMatchmaking();
/run PetBattleQueueReadyFrame.AcceptButton:Click()
/script C_PetBattles.ForfeitGame()

For your own comfort, bind this macro to an easy to access key because you will use it a lot.

Step 3 - The Location
Although this farm can be done in any location the absolute best spot to do this farm is within your own garrison, because if you enter a match while inside your garrison the spot where you fight will always be a certain location within the garrison. If you're already standing ontop of that spot there will be no loading screenbetween each battle. Below I have two images showing the optimal spot in both the alliance and horde garrison:

Note: You want to stand inside the tunnel and not ontop of the wall in the alliance garrison.

Step 4 - Wintrading
The "Find Battle" algorithms is very easy to manipulate because of the fact that very few players queue with pets below level 25. 

I have listed the steps on how to begin the actual wintrade below:

To begin the actual wintrade, both accounts should put level 25 pets in two of the three available pet slots. In the third slot you want to put a low level pet, preferbly below level 20 and downwards. It's important that both the losing and winning account has three pets of the same level. For example both can put in a level 1 pet or both put in a level 13 pet, just make sure the levels match on both accounts and the algorithm will match the accounts 99% of the time.

If you want to level your pets the low level pet must ALWAYS be in the first pet battle slot on the winning account. If you only want to gain fast wins,NEVER put the low level pet in the first slot on the winning account. This is valid because only the pet in first slot recieves experience from wins when the opponent instantly forfeits. Additionally any level difference will result in longer queue times and if the difference is greater than +3 or -3 levels the queue almost never pop at all.

Queue up on both accounts using the macro I provided above and wait about 20 seconds for the algorithms to search for a worth opponent.

If the queue popped simultaneously on both accounts, congratz you matched! Accept queue on both accounts and when the match begins, press the macro once more on the losing account to instantly forfeit the match.

OPTIONAL: If you decided to also level your pets, you have to switch to another pet every time the current pet levels up on winning account to continously match the losing team's setup. When you are out of pets of a certain level, switch to a different level pet on the losing account and match that pet's level on the winning account.

Note: There is potential to fully automate the wintrading if you decide to not level your pets since the battling is done with a single button press, however I do not recommend this if you value any of the accounts used.

Additional information

  • There are rumors that only certain accounts are able to match up against each other, and I can confirm that not all accounts will match. I tested with five different accounts but only two were able to match. To test if two accounts can match, simply put two level 25 pets and one low level pet in the slots on both accounts (use same level on the low level pets) and queue up. If over one minute passes without any queue, the Bnets can most certainly not match eachother.
  • The two matching accounts I used were able to match despite using characters on different servers / battlegroups / factions / levels / zone location / expansion location (Outlands vs Northerend for example). As long as we had 2/3 pets level 25 and matched the levels on our lower level pets the queue was always less than 30 sec with a 99% matching rate with over 3500 successful matches.
  • If you happen to match up against other players, try changing the level of the third pet on both the winning and losing account to avoid matching up to the "infiltrators" again.
  • The winning account can use items such as the Safari Hat to level the pets faster, however this is increases the rate at which you have to replace the low level pet and thus requires more active gameplay.

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