Wednesday, April 19

Faster Suramar WQ

This is a minor trick similar to the spam ESC to grapple faster.

There is a quest "Continued Exposure" where you have to guide 3 whitereds to fel orbs and use a skill to abdorb that power, after each orb your whitereds die and you have to wait like 30 seconds for new whitereds to spawn and do that again and again.

The trick is to RIGHT CLICK the buff you have that summons your whitereds, this will make the buff be apply to you again instantly and get your whitereds ready to click another orb, this saves like a couple minutes each time you do this quest, nothing big but so easy that I think it's worth sharing


  1. Go to "Continued Exposure" WQ in Suramar.
  2. Use skill on first orb as usual.
  3. Cancel your buff to instanly respawn the whitereds.
  4. REPEAT.

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