Normally characters under level 10 can't access the group finder window, but recently I found out that even a level 1 can access group finder with one simple command. This also allows you to group up with another character from your own account, for example if I have a level 110 mage I can use it to portal my low level AH alts to any city, without need to find another person to do it. Possibly it is useful for some other things too.

Part 1: You can use this command to open the group finder window on a low level alt:

/run PVEFrame_ShowFrame("GroupFinderFrame")

Part 2: If you want to give a mage portal to your low level alt, follow these steps:

  • Log in with your mage and fly to the same location where your alt is.
  • Go to group finder/custom tab and start a group, name it to something like "test" and set it to Auto Accept.
  • Make a portal and quickly switch back to your alt.
  • Use the /run command above to open up the group finder on your alt, now you can join the group made by your mage and then use the portal before it disappears.

Tips: You need a level 110 mage to make a Dalaran portal, but for other portals you can also just make a class trial mage and find a portal trainer in capital city. Your mage doesn't need to be on the same server than alt, but they need to be same faction. If the portal disappears too fast, disable all add-ons to make the loading screens much faster. You can also use your low level alt for starting the group before making the portal, so you can use it right after switching back.

One good use for this is that you can make a level 5 alt with engineering on any server, portal it to Dalaran and use the Obliterum forge and AH there. Simply buying items from AH and obliterating them can be quite profitable, depending on your server prices and timing.
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