Monday, October 9

Who would win?

As a healer a really common thing I've noticed is people staying dead long enough for me get back and start rezzing then releasing halfway through the cast. It happens all the time even when I say I'm rezzing.

My favorite is after a M+ boss fight. Healer, within .0025 seconds of boss dying, starts rezzing. The character model of the healer is obviously standing still, with sparkly hands doing healer rezzing stuff, and most times they'll even type in chat what they're doing.

Every. Single. Time. Without fail the DPS will say, "REZ PLEASE WTF?!?!!" Now I don't believe in confrontation in a game that is supposed to be fun, so I just reply, "Rez is casting" or some such... but goddamn. I don't envy healers most situations.

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