Wednesday, October 4

Polyformic Acid Potion "dupe"

This if fairly minor, but in heroic Scholomance you can get the Polyformic Acid Potions (and the vials), and it's possible to dupe the vials to get more than 1 (though you can still only have 1 of each).
  • Step 1: Loot the empty vial from Professor Slate
  • Step 2: Click on the potion on the table he spawns next to
  • Step 3: Use the empty vial in your inventory
  • Step 4: Click the potion again
  • Step 5: Use your nearly full vial - You should now have 2 instances of the Polyformic Acid Potion buff
  • Step 6: Use the empty vial again - You should now have a nearly full vial and a half full vial
  • Step 7: Use the half empty vial, then use the empty vial - You should have 1 nearly full and 1 nearly empty
  • Step 8: Repeat 3-6
This should leave you with 1 nearly full, 1 half full, and 1 nearly empty vial. You can then click the potion and have the buff as well.

As I said, minor, but if you like the model this will leave you with 6 hours of the transformation stored up, and 1 full hour on the buff, leaving you running to Scholo about half as often.

It's not a true dupe, since it still leaves you with 1 of each instead of a potentially infinite amount of nearly full ones.

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