Getting Exalted with any Timewalking Faction

So the anniversary gift gives 200 Timewarped Badges
For 50 Badges you can buy one Reputation Token wich gives 500rep and you can buy 4 Tokens per 200 Badges you get from the Gift
For one Exalted Repution you need 42k Rep wich are 84 Tokens without any % Bonus Rep Buff

  • Neutral 3,000 (6 tokens)
  • Friendly 6,000 (12 tokens)
  • Honored 12,000 (24 tokens)
  • Revered 21,000 (42 tokens)

This means you need 21 Characters for one exalted Faction

Now everytime you create a new Character you get the Gift wich mean you also get 200 Badges
You only need a Friend Mage now who ports you to Shattrath/Nordendalaran or takes you to the Timeless Island.
But dont forget to send all the Tokens to ONE Character
So if you want to get a Faction exalted wich isnt part of the current TW you have to wait till the next TW appears so you can buy the Token for example a WotLK Faction
You can also create a new WoW Account and create 50 Characters, you can still send the Tokens to you Main on a other Account since the Tokens are accountwide
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