Tuesday, November 20

Getting Exalted with any Timewalking Faction

So the anniversary gift gives 200 Timewarped Badges
For 50 Badges you can buy one Reputation Token wich gives 500rep and you can buy 4 Tokens per 200 Badges you get from the Gift
For one Exalted Repution you need 42k Rep wich are 84 Tokens without any % Bonus Rep Buff

  • Neutral 3,000 (6 tokens)
  • Friendly 6,000 (12 tokens)
  • Honored 12,000 (24 tokens)
  • Revered 21,000 (42 tokens)

This means you need 21 Characters for one exalted Faction

Now everytime you create a new Character you get the Gift wich mean you also get 200 Badges
You only need a Friend Mage now who ports you to Shattrath/Nordendalaran or takes you to the Timeless Island.
But dont forget to send all the Tokens to ONE Character
So if you want to get a Faction exalted wich isnt part of the current TW you have to wait till the next TW appears so you can buy the Token for example a WotLK Faction
You can also create a new WoW Account and create 50 Characters, you can still send the Tokens to you Main on a other Account since the Tokens are accountwide
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