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Top 5 Casino Table Games

Anyone new to the casino floor, no matter whether it’s virtual or a land-based establishment, will need to start somewhere. While slots are regularly recommended as the newbie’s best option to get the feel of the floor, there are just as many casino table games that aren’t difficult to tackle, yet can be rather rewarding. These vary in terms of popularity, player traffic, house edge, skills and stake limits, among other points, yet the following have managed to overcome the passage of time and remain in the top casino table section since their beginnings.


The game of blackjack is also known as ‘21’, as the goal of the game play is to have a hand with the closest value to 21, or equal to it. Players at the blackjack table are only up against the dealer, but it still helps to keep track of their cards, moves and hands. One of the most famous casino strategies, card counting, was originally invented for blackjack purposes. Nevertheless, this is extremely frowned upon nowadays – brick and mortar casinos are strict on the matter, while online platforms like netbet.co.uk and their RNGs make it practically impossible.

Baccarat is also known by a different name – punto banco, and it requires its players to get a hand with a value as closest to nine as possible. Should the sum of their two, or occasionally three, cards be over 9, then the number 10 is deducted from it. For example, if you have 7 and 8, the sum being 15, your hand value will be 15 minus 10, i.e. 5.

Three Card Poker

This game is similar to the regular poker table action, with the sole difference that it played with three instead of five cards. As a result, it has largely managed to surpass its original version in some cases, although this is also due to the good payout potential it offers. Aside from the regular Ante bet, this poker variant also includes a ‘PrePair bet’, allowing the player to get an extra payout if they hold a pair or better.

Considering its 17th century French origins, it is hardly unlikely that there is someone who hasn’t heard of this game of chance. It consists of a turning wheel, filled with pockets marked by numbers 1-36 and the number 0 in European roulette, i.e., the numbers 0 and 00 in American roulette. The different wheel layouts provide players with more variety, even though most experienced casino experts recommend the European version due to its odds.


The last, fifth casino table game option, offers arguably the best odds, as players put their faith in the roll of two dices. Namely, the most regular, basic move is to place a Pass Line bet, requiring the shooter to roll a 7 or 11 sum of the dice. If it rolls out a 2, 3 or 12, they lose, while rolling out the ‘point’ number will give the player a chance to repeat that number without rolling out a seven, and win for all those Pass Line bets.

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