Sunday, December 2

Patch 8.1 - gently reminder

  • Raid come out until january not in patch day
  • IN THE PTR, a lot of recipes ( like enchanting and alchemy ) have reduced mats a lvl 3, for exampleFlask of endless fathoms requieres 3 Anchor Weed down from 5 anchor weed.
  • AZEROTH PATHFINDER will be actived, no fly yet instead 20% mount movement speed on BFA zones
  • New craft boe requiere marks of honor to adquire the recipes, you need rank 3 in the craft to try to be competitive ( 2 marks for r2, 4 marks for r3 )
  • If someone have hundreds of sanguicell they are hardcore raiders and have food and flask cover dont expect a real raise in food flask and potions
  • Ppl have very very low gold income so dont expect sell comodities easy ( mounts trasmog etc )
  • Each crafting profession have a new spell to transform sanguicell in the next tier mat, also hydrocore, so expect that a lot of ppl craft their own bop pieces ( legs and bots ) thats wiill NOT raise mats cost since everyone have a lot of times to gets mata even expulson
  • The new azerite armor vendor come i 8.1, ppl will expend a moderate ammount of gold in reforge and the grind for the azerite tokens
  • NO new enchants NO new consumables besides sanguicell pot and feast, the top tier gear is bop
  • The new crafted gear ilv is 340, the old gear WILL NOT AUTO UPGRADE

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