Tuesday, February 23

Every raid night

I play with my wife and there are a number of couples in my guild. Honestly, it has its pros and cons. My wife is pretty self sufficient, she doesn't require alot of hand holding but at the same time is self aware about her limitations as a player. Not all couples are like that and sometimes it can be a pain in the ass to try and accommodate both parts in content.

We started playing together in vanilla, way back in the day. She never was a gamer before that but I encouraged her to give it a go. We eventually found a good guild with other couples and grownups and made some great friends.

Over the years, alot of them have left the game and we have both taken breaks for extended periods. This time around we came back because of COVID. She's a substitute teacher and when everything shut down, she was home and bored. I was working from home but stuck in front of the computer all day. I was at my desk working on a random Wednesday and she was sitting at her behind me and she fired up Wow one day this past May. Took me about 2 hours to cave.

All of our friends were long gone and the guild we were in was dead. we bumped around a while trying out old characters and I started playing some of my Horde alts again seriously. She made a couple characters and we played together alot, just 2 manning things. It was late in BfA so we were able to gear up off WQ pretty easily. I set about searching for a guild and thought I found a decent one. Nice, casual, not too many people. I talked to the GM and she seemed like she knew what she was doing. Spoiler: She didn't. They started randomly inviting everyone without a guild tag. People came and went, we had a little raiding success but not much. Raids started to fall apart and not happen depsite the guild bloating to 900+ characters within 2 months. I actually had a conversation with the GM like "umm...why?" and she claimed she knew what she was doing, she used to have the top Alliance raiding guild on some server before swapping to Horde and everything would be fine.

So to hell with that, we got back on our Alliance mains on a different server, cleaned out our little private/alt guild's bank out, and started recruiting. Frankly, its been wildly successful for what we wanted. We keep it small and only take nice, older people. We say we aren't a raiding guild but we do raid (9/10N, 3/10H)

Once you get a non-playing spouse into the game, especially if they aren't really a gamer, the key is to find a good guild. Once a new player gets to end game and needs group content to keep progressing, pugs can be a real shitshow. My wife and I did fine 2 manning everything we did...for a while...but that eventually played out and we missed having friends to play with. Otherwise, we could play something else.

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