So as many people are probably aware not all covenants are created equal and today ide like to share a small little farm that so far as made me a tidy profit over the last few weeks.

since the start of shadowlands I've put all of the resources on my main into levelling up the trail of assentation. I hit rank 3 around 4 weeks ago and unlocked the sky glider recipe. (the item needed to spawn sun dancer) over the next week I farmed around 5 gliders manually and got me and my friends the mount, I had one left over so I stuck it on the ah for 35k. it sold pretty quickly.

I spent the next day farming gliders, averaging a few gliders per hour. but it was slow and tedious. so I did a bit of googling and buried quite far in the wow head comments was a link to a item called "Supplies for the path". These can be bought for 5 Medallions of service (I had 50 at the time) and gave the materials needed to make the sky gliders. So I bought a few crafted my first 20 sky gliders and started selling. The first week business was slow. selling 2-3 gliders per day. No one else could really make them on my server so there was next to no competition.

The following week wowhead posted an article on the sundancer mount. The price of gliders had dropped to 30k but the demand spiked. And on that day I sold around 10 gliders for a neat and tidy 300k. At this point i was sat on around 600k proffit from gliders.

The week after Wednesday and Friday were quite good selling 2-3 gliders on both days but demand seemed to dry up. All in all I spent around 10 days listing with no sales untill one of my competitors snapped and dropped the price to 17k

At this point it still had mats for around 20 gliders. So I thought why not, lets list at 17k and see what happens. and what happened was I went back to selling 3-5 a day and quickly hit 1M in profit.

At this point I do no manual farming, I get the Medallions of service passively while playing the game and all of it gets converted into essentially free money.

Im still selling 2-3 a day some days are better than others but overall im quite happy with my little farm

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