Tuesday, March 2

2 man skinning exploit

Blizzard been pretty active fixing the vehicle daily quests in Shadowlands so make use of it while you can. This can be done with most vehicle quest and for today daily in Ardenweald you have the quest Gormageddon. 

Complete the quest the normal way but don't leave the area Dusty Burrows. What happens now you get to keep the swift shadowstalker while not being phased out anymore. 

Have your friend as skinner and let him follow you around while you oneshot the Gorm Spewers and Gorm Slicers so he can skin behind you while you keep running around the Dusty Burrows. 

This can be done with Wrath of Aliothe - Quest - World of Warcraft and few more other quests involving vehicles.

Note: Both you and your friend have to have the quest completed or your friend will be zoned out and will only see the elite mobs. 

What ever you do when farming don't leave Dusty Burrows or you lose your Swift Shadowstalker. We made tons of gold using this method

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