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Is WoW on Its Way Out?

The biggest online services come and go over time, with the current trend toward mobile gaming many of the bigger services look to be sticking around for the longer period of time, particularly those that are looking to replace land-based services as some of the biggest non gamstop casinos at remain amongst the most popular – it’s rare that one online game stays on top throughout it’s lifespan, but that’s certainly something that WoW has done being the biggest MMO in the market since its release back in 2004, but could it be finally looking at being on its way out?

There will be plenty noting how the game has been on a steady decline since its heyday back in 2010, but it still pulls in very respectable numbers – the last two expansions in both Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands have had a hit on player numbers and have seen popularity fall somewhat, but this isn’t what has hurt the game most – despite being at a point where the game should be at its most popular as the rest of the MMO market has stagnated and opportunities in streaming for the three big aspects of the game in the AWC player-vs-player side, and the new additions of the MDI and Race to World First for player-vs-environment, but all three are falling short.

The games age certainly does show itself as support for broadcasting here is very limited and does little to help the game grow, and in a market where MMO titles as a whole are struggling with little innovation and few new entries into the space to excite fans, it isn’t just WoW that’s struggling in this space.

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The concern from some fans is that two poor expansions could take their toll, and in an already struggling market it could be more difficult to recover, with no new expansion in the retail game for another two years yet the upcoming patches and content will have to be solid in order for the game to continue succeeding. On the other hand, nostalgia is certainly being played on as an update to the popular Classic version of WoW will see The Burning Crusade return which will certainly bring in a small bump in players numbers, but once again only for the short term.

For many, it will be very sad to see – many of the original players are adults and getting ready to move away from games like WoW, and it’s becoming harder to attract new players too – the game has certainly been declining for some time, whether or not its on its way out may not be clear just yet and these looks at a ‘dying’ WoW come often, but even with all of the great tools to promote the game, it still seems to be falling short in many aspects, despite most recently posting some steady numbers following the ending of the games honeymoon period.

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