Saturday, March 13

Will AoC Be the WoW Killer?

Many games have come and gone in the past that have been touted as the WoW killer at one point in their lifecycle, but as WoW continues to be one of the biggest MMORPG titles in the world it’s clear that all that have come before having failed. Whilst the game is certainly slowing due to the rapid rise of esports and other gaming titles, even those in other spaces in particular like mobile for example as the mobile gaming market continues to grow and other genres played by the wider demographics like casinos and betting sites that are available away from initiatives like Gamstop found at are amongst the biggest – but there is still space for a big MMO, and the upcoming release of Ashes of Creation is exciting many. But can it really achieve all it sets out to?

One of the biggest problems that has plagued the MMORPG genre over many years is the lack of ability to really deliver anything new – the blueprint of the biggest games has remained the same since 2004 with the release of the big original titles including WoW and little has been done to change away from that, and those that have tried have often delivered something incomplete that doesn’t really enhance the gaming experience and instead makes other factors of the game much worse.

This is where Ashes of Creation has hoped to change things, by aiming to deliver some of the biggest and most sought after features from other games in the past and bring everything under one roof, the goal is to deliver a new MMORPG experience that players have spent a long time hoping for, but not yet received – things like town building, a bigger PvP experience, and more in-depth progression have all been cited on this wish list and have all been things since tested with the biggest names in the various communities – but the real question still remains as there hasn’t been any widespread official beta, just how close to the mark are they?

It also has to be remembered that WoW has been so successful for so long for a reason – the holy trinity approach to groups is tried and tested, the dungeon and raid approach as well as battleground and arena for PvE and PvP respectively have become a permanent change for most, and whilst there are those that have successfully deviated from the norm, none have managed to grow quite so big as players seek out these features in familiarity. Time will tell just how successful Ashes could be, but it has a lot to live up to if it really does hope to cash in on the WoW killer title that many have since labelled it with.

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