Tuesday, March 23

Betting in MMORPGs

Online games are a lot of fun. They’re also very addictive. It’s no surprise then that you will continue to see a variety of games being created and offered online so that people can enjoy them. Sometimes the worlds of online video games and gambling or games of chance will cross over. We see casino style mini games brought to some video games, for example.

MMORPGs themselves are based around the idea of chance. There is betting within every MMO, whether you’ve openly realized it or not. Everything about the way you play an MMO is about chance. When you fight mobs, gather your loot, grind for specific items or drops, etc. I bet you’ve never thought about it that way before.

We only think of MMOs with gambling when it is obvious and deliberate. But the very makeup of the games themselves is similar to gambling. Now, there are some games that add literal gambling or casino games and mini games to their actual game but that is a different thing itself. This can also be a lot of fun. Then there are games like WoW where the playerbase want gambling and they set up their own player casinos and make it work. This can lead to a lot of harmless fun and a game within a game.

But at the end of the day if what you’re looking for is true betting, you’re going to want to head to a casino site for this. If you want to try some real cool online betting, I recoment you to check out Powerplay. Enjoy!

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