In the vast, ever-expanding universe of World of Warcraft (WoW), few topics have sparked as much curiosity and debate as the potential for new playable races. Among these, the Vrykul hold a special place in the hearts of the community. First introduced in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, these Viking-like giants have captivated players with their rich lore and imposing presence. Yet, despite their popularity and the passage of years, the Vrykul remain conspicuously absent from the roster of playable races, leaving many to wonder why.

A Community's Plea

On March 18, a post by a player known as Warriorbill on WoW's subreddit reignited the conversation around the Vrykul's playable status. Highlighting their similarities to humans and their potential as an Allied race akin to the Kul'Tirans, Warriorbill's reminder has once again brought the community's longing for the Vrykul to the forefront. The question on everyone's mind is simple: Why has Blizzard not made the Vrykul playable?

The Height Hurdle

One of the most commonly cited reasons among players is the Vrykul's towering stature. Standing over 11 feet tall, according to Wowpedia, the Vrykul would dwarf all current playable races, with the Tauren, the tallest characters in-game, reaching almost eight feet. Players have suggested a compromise: adjusting the Vrykul's height to match that of the Tauren. This solution, while not perfect, would satisfy many, as long as it opened the door to playing as this beloved race.

Animation Complications

Another hurdle is the Vrykul's unique skeleton and animations. Some players argue that transforming the Vrykul into a playable race is challenging due to potential clunkiness in animations, a concern highlighted when using items like the Transmorpher Beacon to morph into a Vrykul. The race's distinct physique and movements might require significant adjustments to fit the playable race model without compromising the game's fluidity.

Opportunities for Introduction

Despite these challenges, there are upcoming opportunities in WoW's storyline that could serve as perfect moments to introduce the Vrykul as a playable race. "The War Within" expansion, which introduces the Earthen as an Allied race and features encounters with the Nerubians—ancient foes of the Vrykul in Northrend—presents a thematic connection that could pave the way for the Vrykul's inclusion. Furthermore, "The Last Titan," the final part of The Worldsoul Saga, will send players back to Northrend, offering another opportune moment to bring the Vrykul into the fold.


The desire to explore Azeroth as a Vrykul is a testament to World of Warcraft's ability to create compelling, immersive races that capture players' imaginations. While technical and design challenges have so far prevented the Vrykul from becoming playable, the community's continued interest and Blizzard's history of evolving the game suggest that hope remains. As WoW continues to grow and evolve, perhaps the day will come when players can proudly stand tall as Vrykul, exploring new horizons in a beloved world.

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