Blizzard Entertainment has announced the return of The Great Push in Dragonflight Season 4, the release of a new Warcraft short story titled "Trials," and temporary unavailability of character restoration services as they prepare for the Warbands system.

The Great Push Returns

Event Details

The Great Push, a popular Mythic+ dungeon competition, is back for its second full season. Players will compete over several weekends, pushing Mythic+ keystones as high as possible. This year’s event features a $260,000 prize pool, with the top teams from each weekend advancing to the Global Finals.

Schedule and Streaming

  • Group A: July 5-7
  • Group B: July 12-14
  • Global Finals: July 19-21

Catch the action live on Twitch and YouTube, with daily broadcasts starting at 10:00 am PDT / 7:00 pm CEST.

New Warcraft Short Story: "Trials"

Plot Overview

"Trials," written by Jonathan Maberry, follows Thrall as he questions the dangerous om’gora rites after several younglings are lost. Reflecting on his own trials and his son’s readiness, Thrall contemplates how to prepare the new generation.

Read the full story on Blizzard’s official site.

Character Restoration Update

Temporary Suspension

In preparation for the upcoming Warbands system, character restoration will be temporarily disabled. Players are advised to restore any previously deleted characters before the pre-expansion content update goes live. Afterward, restorations will be unavailable for a few weeks.

For more information, visit Blizzard’s support article on character restoration.


What is The Great Push?

The Great Push is a Mythic+ dungeon competition where top players push keystones as high as possible over several weekends.

When are The Great Push events scheduled?

  • Group A: July 5-7
  • Group B: July 12-14
  • Global Finals: July 19-21

What is the new Warcraft short story about?

"Trials" explores Thrall’s reflections on the dangerous om’gora rites and his son’s readiness for them.

Why is character restoration temporarily unavailable?

Character restoration is paused to prepare for the Warbands system in the upcoming expansion.


World of Warcraft fans have much to look forward to with the return of The Great Push, the release of a new short story, and upcoming changes in character management. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the exciting events!

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