Throne of the Tides 7,4 million exp/hour

I found this neat little spot. Done 81-84 in about 2 hours (1/2 level rested). Seems extremely fast to me. So what you're going to need is a Friend which heals you or is aoe'ing for you and you have to be able to clear Throne with 2 people or a group which leaves after the 2nd boss/a main who can solo the Instance. (I think Protwarrior-leveling is going to be insane there, beause you can nearly get double the exp, bexause you can solo it with VR-heals - maybe with a Protadin too)

You're farming the little mobs before the Ozumat-event (Unstable Corruption). They spawn near to instant, giving about 1,2k exp unrested. You can actually oneshot them. On death, they debuff you with a disease (stacking 20 times) doing hard dmg ( 12k ticks at 20 stacks), but you can dodge this or dispel per stack. If you solve this problem you can farm them nearly without taking dmg and without downtime.

The mobs are on the way to point 4 between the stairs and the gate with the 2 big guards.


  1. Find a friend/main/group to get to said point
  2. Grind into oblivion
  3. Profit

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