Shortcut in dungeons and CoS-Drake

To do this, you need Crashin' Trashin' Racer Controller
Warlock spell, Eye of Kilrogg

How to do it:
Summon your Eye/racer and select your target, at any range, line of sight (must be attackable).
"Dismount"/right-click the "control" buff and your target will be taunted

Too good to be true? Nope, video proof:

Facebook users can see the movie here
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How to kill all lowlevels in your city as Mage or Warlock

Tested. 3.1.3

In the Dragonblight there is a Mage Hunter.

First you go to a Mage Hunter there. Then the Warlock ports you to the Auctionhouse in SW / OG .

If you get the Message to accept the port, do this:

Cast Shadowbolts as long as he casts Shadow Reflection. Then you cast Seed of Corrumption and you'll get the Debuff! Kill him fast with firespells and port yourself into the AH. You'll explode and kill some players.

Cast Fireballs as long as he casts Fire Reflection. Then you cast Living Bomb, you'll get the debuff. Kill the Target fast with Arcane/Frost spells and port yourself to the AH. Youll explode and kill some players.

The spells:


Facebook readers can see the movie here
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IoC: Another way into the Horde keep.

I noticed some allys running behind our keep. I followed them and noticed they were climbing the mountain behind the Horde keep and jumped into our base.

This is how you do it:

Facebook readers can watch it here.
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Get The Chaos Theory achievement easy

The Chaos Theory achievement:
Defeat Anomalus in The Nexus on Heroic Difficulty without destroying any Chaotic Rifts.

The Chaotic Rifts summon adds which you will be evade bugging in this exploit.

Whenever the rifts appear, simply have everyone but the tank who is tanking Anomalus jump into this place:

The healer who will be healing the tank should have instant cast heals so he can still heal the tank while jumping up and down because of LoS issues. Also, he will be getting the aggro on the ads because of his healing.

When the rift dissapears, you can jump out again and all the mobs who were evade bugged because they couldn't reach the healer will simply despawn.
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World of Warcraft Cataclysm - First trailer

here's the first trailer for World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm - enjoy!

Cataclysm Gilneas Showcase

Facebook users go here to se it
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Flame Leviathan Bike Health Bug!

Alright to explain this... We had a character with lower item level gear, therefore his health in the bike was extremely low.

What you do is have a person with higher item level gear get into the bike. They then jump into the passenger seat with the bike icon to the right.

After that, have the lower item level character jump in the driver seat and shoot the passenger out by pressing 4.

This leaves the bike with still the same amount of health the higher level item gear passenger gave it. Rinse and repeat if you have very low level item geared people!

This is not just a display bug, the health on the bikes drops in percentage along with the fight. We used this on 4 tower flame leviathan.

Worked Great!
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World of Warcraft Expansion 3 Wish List

In this brand-new GT Feature, we show you what we'd like to see in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion pack.

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Easy Gold: White Kitten

Today I'm gonna detail one of the items in the game that translates into pure profit. I'm talking about one of the rarer vanity pets that you can purchase from a vendor. Unfortunately for Horde, this item is Alliance only, unless you can find it in one of the neutral auction houses or someone manages to transfer it over.

You can read more about the White Kitten on Breanni's excellent pet website. So what's the deal about this pet? Well, it is sold by Lil Timmy in Stormwind in limited supply of 1. He has a fixed path (find out more details under the provided links) and respawns roughly every 3 hours.

The pet itself can be bought for 60 silver BUT sells on the auction house for around 100 gold!! The trick is to find Timmy and after you find him it depends on your luck if he hasn't sold it already.

My trick for getting this pet is to stick one of my toons in Stormwind on Timmy's route and log on to this character occasionally. I use a 70 rogue that I don't play and the fast mount makes this easier. I then loop the entire route and check for him quickly. Since I found out about this pet about a month ago I've already bought and re-sold it for 100 gold profit about 5 times. I would say 100 gold for 1-2 minutes of your time is definitely time well spent.

When selling the pet on the auction house, don't be impatient and put it up if there are too many of them and prices are very low. Sometimes they go way below 80 gold. I always hold off until they hover around 100 and never fail to sell it.

Now good luck in stalking Timmy and the highest of profits to you!
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Make 1000g+ an hour with a 55+ works great with DKs

Golden pearls are a material needed for Runed Arcanite Rod, which is necessary for enchanting. Although these don't sell like hotcakes they do sell. And depending on your server the price ranges from 100g-500g. On mine its about 200g.

Location: There is a cave to the South of Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas called Shalzaru's Lair.. it is loaded with Naga that spawn super fast. The cave itself is on the Isle of Dread.

You can get usually 1-2 golden pearls per cave run which is anywhere from 200g-1000g. The naga respawn very quickly so you will always be killing and there will be very to little downtime. On an 80 you could farm this cave so fast it wouldn't be worth it cuz you would have to wait for spawns.
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Make 150k XP pr. 10 min in Battleground

I've found that a LOT of people still aren't aware of the massive amount of experience you can gain with the new BG changes (over the past couple weeks, 80's are still surprised to learn that they can level their alts in BGs).

he best BG for gaining XP is currently Alterac Valley. I've been levelling my alts at a rate of 150,000 - 175,000 xp every 9-12 minutes in AV. This is probably the fastest method to level outside of the old instance AOE approach. I also get roughly 1800-2000 honor per game, which can be turned in for 80 PVP gear or the new epic gems (which cost 10,000 honor each.)

You'll be able to level your 70's to 80 easily in one day. I'm suspecting that this will probably be patched by Blizzard however..

Each Tower Cap, Boss Kill, and Tower Hold rewards roughly 17-20k XP depending on your level. The trick is though, to ensure that you win every time. Jump into AV and see for yourself, if you win you'll see an increase of 2-2.5 bars of XP each time.

However, I would recommend that you check your Realm Forums and see if there are any AV Pre-Mades available that you can join. They're very simple, just jump on Vent and listen to instructions - if you follow your objectives, you'll win every AV match (occasionally a "Perfect AV" (Achievement) if the leader changes up strategies.)

If you are Horde and on the US Cyclone Battlegroup, the following AV-Premade is very active:
> Xrealm Premades / Easy honor / Need Vent - no addons / Multiple AV Premades / No groups needed - pst for info
> VENT - - PORT 3812 // Name Format: Name / Server

The rules have recently been changed however. They used to allow any levels in, but some of the members were complaining. Now, if you're a guest you'll need to bring in a 78+ alt, but if you're a member 75+ are fine. Lower levels they will often allow (ie, a well geared 70 can out-DPS an 80 in trashy blue/greens for example), as long as you're non-fail and you follow instructions. (It also depends on who is leading the group though, Spazzer is the best and is pretty fun to listen to. Just keep your mouth shut. =] )

You can join for free (Guest), and come-and-go as you please. However, there are sometimes long wait times depending on the time of day you join.

You can gain full membership (meaning you skip the queue and can jump right in), by paying $5 IRL on (I know I know, but it's actually a really good service and worth it), or you can pay in Gold in game (depends on server, but ranges from 800 to 2000G).

One bonus is that if you're a Member, the owners will allow you to collect gold yourself on the servers (higher if you have no competition). You can charge any amount you want and keep the gold, but you would need to pay their $5 (Paypal, CC, etc) for their membership. For example, 5000 Gold (which people WILL pay for this service.)

Hope this helps guys. Normal/random AV matches are fine, but I find that the Horde Cyclone group loses a lot (because of the terrain unbalances and distances. Alliance side was definately favoured by Blizz for this BG.) If you're Alliance, just ignore this post.. but if you're Horde and you want to level your alts fast, check out the vent as a Guest for a couple weeks and see if the full service is worth your while.

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Rejuvenation Cheat: Heal yourself without mana

1. Get 4 piece T8 bonus on your druid
2. Get Harold's Rejuvenating Broach
3. Get a makro like:

    /equip {insert Idol here}
    /equip Harold's Rejuvenating Broach

4. Spamm that makro and enjoy your free Rejuvenation heals! You won't lose mana!

It also "stacks" with a normal Rejuvenation!

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Easy Venomhide Raptor Mount at 70+

I was leveling in Icemist Village and just happened to have Toxic Tolerance uncompleted in my quest log.I found that you can get one or two splashes per mob at level 74 by attacking Anub'ar Slayers. I don't know why it happens,but you can get the quest done ridiculously fast due to the large number or Slayers that spawn in the area.

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Make LOTS of gold with trading over faction

As some of you, probably not everyone know - Blizzard made it possible to create characters of BOTH factions on PVP servers in patch 3.2. This means that you can have BOTH Horde and Alliance characters on the same server.

Does it ring any bells yet?

This opens a big opportunity to make some big and FAST gold.

It's as simple as buying cheaper items on one side and then resell them for more on the other one. Just check the AH for the right things to buy n' sell.

Use the neutral AH for trading over items and gold - since you are NOT able to mail stuff to the other faction. You loose 15%-20% (don't know exactly how much) since the AH cut. But on MANY servers the difference of values on items is BIG!

For an example I bought 10 on those new epic gems for 400g each and resold em' on opposite faction for 850g each. So enjoy while it lasts - before everyone else figures this out!

Enjoy !
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Easy Win In Mounted Duel In Argent Tournament

Well, my stats weren't too good :( I guess for every win, I had to fight at least 10 duels. So at first, I asked my son for advice. Next I went to YouTube to watch and try all the tricks out there.

Some said you could just use 2-3-4 button at the same time (break shield, charge and shield); others had other tricks. But none of them worked for me.

Then I found this video that told me several tricks:

  • Start from behind, and use break shield

  • Run in circles around the NPC

  • Use Break shield as often as you can, and close in upon the NPC, and use your lanse (1)

Rinse and repeat!

This worked for me as well.

Here's the video in question:
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45-53 Easy Grinding Requires a high lvl helper

Enter BRD and get to General Angerforge.

The lvl 80 your with stands near the bottom of the ramp that leads to Golem Lord Angermarch (or whatev his name is)

Pull General Angerforge and run to your 80. When you are close, shadowmeld/vanish. There will be 4 Firelords that spawn, Kill them and they will instantly respawn forever. Meaning you can grind them endlessly.
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Easy Intense Cold achivment

It's easy to get "Intense Cold". Just do the rest of the instance the regular way, until you're in the last boss. If you pull aggro and die, the tank can pick the boss up and the rest of the group can kill it. Because of you dying at the start, you get the achievement, seeing as you didn't get more than two stacks of the buff. You can do it for your friends with any class.
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Easy Weapon Skills To 400

If you don't have weapon skills of 400 on all of your weapons, here's an easy way of getting it.

You must be rather highleveled (58 at least, and higher, if you're a clothie).

Go to Blasted Lands and find a cave at 65,32. There's an elite mob inside this cave called Archmage Allistarj. He doesn't die, but stays at 1hp, so you can keep hitting him and getting more weapon skills.

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Patch 3.2: Tradeskills

There are two major changes that will affect the economy in patch 3.2. The first is the introduction of epic gems; the second is that Emblems of Conquest are now obtainable in all pre-Crusader dungeons and raids. We will talk mainly about epic gems for now.

Epic gems are obtained in a few different ways:

•Alchemy Transmutes
•Icy Prism. You can’t save them up now, so don’t try
•Prospecting Titanium Ore
•Buying with Honor or Emblems of Heroism

Buying them with Honor and Emblems will probably be very unpopular, as everything will be dropping Emblems of Conquest and players will be eager to grab new gear before they will grab new gems. The other three will have a profound effect on the market.

Transmuting an epic gem usually requires a blue gem of the same color as the desired epic gem and a specific Eternal. The following is a list of transmutes as they are now on the PTR:

•Transmute: Flawless Amytrine: Monarch Topaz and Eternal Shadow
•Transmute: Cardinal Ruby: Scarlet Ruby and Eternal Fire
•Transmute: Dreadstone: Twilight Opal and Eternal Shadow
•Transmute: Eye of Zul: 3 Forest Emerald
•Transmute: King’s Amber: Autumn’s Glow and Eternal Life
•Transmute: Majestic Zircon: Sky Sapphire and Eternal Air

The first thing to note is that players will be getting epic gems from a few sources. Players will largely be consuming the same amount of gems overall, as they will have about the same number of sockets. Some of the new recipes require epic gems, but it won’t have a huge impact on the market. Since only some portion of the epic gems being consumed use current rare gems as a material means that consumption of rare gems is going to go way down. There will still be a market as the poor man’s gem and as reagents for transmutes, but the prices of uncut and cut rare gems should drop significantly. Get rid of any stock that you have. The exception may be Forest Emerald, which requires 3 gems for the transmute. Only time will tell relatively how valuable they will be, but blue gems are used a lot by tanks, so I’m predicting a good market for the epic blue gems and hence Forest Emerald. Also, expect Eternal consumption to go way up with lots of new recipes and the transmutes.

Titanium, this is going to be the game changer. People are stockpiling Titanium now, which may or may not be a good idea. It might be overvalued right now; it’s risky to do. However, with rare gems losing demand and rare gems being the result of Titanium prospects as often of epic gems, rare gems should lose a significant amount of value from this alone. The flipside to this is that the value of Saronite and Cobalt should crash, as they will no longer be valuable to prospect. This is going to be a huge window of opportunity for Blacksmiths, who can potentially make lots of BoE stuff and disenchant it. Expect Enchanting supplies to increase in supply in the long run and prices to drop.

Finally, note the materials for the new crafted items, including a new orb from the Argent Coliseum: Crusader’s Orb. This list was complied by the writers at WarcraftEcon:

•Titansteel Bar
•Saronite Bar
•Arctic Fur
•Heavy Borean Leather
•Icy Dragonscale
•Nerubian Chitin
•Crusader Orb
•Various epic gems, Eternals, Enchanting materials
•Deadly Saronite Dirk
•Corroded Saronite Woundbringer

These will probably enjoy a small price boost in the first month or so of patch 3.2.

Remember, the first two weeks will be crazy, as everyone will want epic gems and consumption will be through the roof. Expect it to level off within about 6 weeks.
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Get A Shoeshine In Dalaran

Nice and shiny shoes for free Just go to Dalaran to the place called "The Threads of Fate".
Go upstairs, and click on the chair to the right of the gnome to sit down.
He will then propose to give you a shoeshine.
After that, you get brilliantly sparkling shoes.
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Reset cooldowns on Engineering Tinkers

Engineering currently has a number of "Tinkers" that add on-use abilities to items. However, I recently found that contrary to what you'd expect, each item has an independent cooldown; by keeping multiple items with tinkers on them, you can use one every 30 seconds.

Rocket boots:
Use up to 6 per 3 minutes, which is very useful in BGs or just for getting back after a wipe in instances.

Rocket gloves / Hyperspeed:
Doubles the amount you can use in BGs or instances as long as you can get out of combat between fights (an auto-queuing equipment manager helps).

Finally, if not patched, this may become a very nice advantage to the new Mind control helm tinker, which is certain to have a longer cooldown due to its power.

So point is: CD's are independant from each other and you can Eng-Tink like 6 pairs of shoes, each with the rocket tink, using one then switching gear to the next pair of shoes with the same Eng-Tink and using them, and so on. Allowing you to use about six pairs of Eng-Tink'd shoes before the original CD is done on the first pair of shoes.
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SWTOR: Strategies

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