World of Warcraft Cheats: Farming Murmur

I created a warrior alt who I intend to tank with, so I wanted the Shoulderguards of the Bold off Murmur. Now farming Murmur is a long and tedious task, so I wanted to speed things up, and I worked out a way.

To do this World of Warcraft cheat, you will need:
  • A group capable of clearing Shadow Labs once.

  • A warlock with an epic flying mount.

  • At least two other players in your group with epic flying mounts.

  • A mage.

Clear Shadow Labs once, down Murmur. You will have to do this once anyway for the Kara fragment. Now stand right next to the wall, behind where Murmur was. Have the warlock summon all members of the party (including himself).

Do not accept the summon while doing this World of Warcraft cheat, nor cancel it - Very important.

At the same time as the warlock is summoning people, the mage should be creating a portal to Shattrath. Once everyone has their summon, step through the portal, and fly back to Shadow Labs as quick as you can. I was able to do this with time to spare, but if you're struggling, a Riding Crop and/or paladin aura will help.

While you are all flying back to Shadow Labs, the group leader should reset the instance.

Now enter the instance and everyone doing this World of Warcraft Cheat should accept the summon. If there are members of your group without epic flying mounts, they will not be able to make it back before their summon expires. That doesn't matter - as long as your warlock and 2 other people made it back, the other 2 can be summoned.

You will now find yourself behind Murmur, right next to the wall. He should not aggro you as long as you are right by the wall. Now kill him again, and rinse and repeat as necessary!


NOTE: The trash around Murmur will also have respawned. Sometimes it did not aggro on us, sometimes it did. To be safe, I advise killing at least the group closest to Murmur before fighting the boss.

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World of Warcraft guide: Strategy guide for Warlocks Soloing Onyxia

Short and Simple guide for how to spec and spell rotations used for Warlocks soloing onyxia.

This is debatably the easiest and quickest class to solo Onyxia with, due to the newly released moves enabling Pet Mitigation and ae Scaling.( This said, i'm not sure how long it takes retardins these days).

During my attempts of this solo, i found that speccing 21 | 40 | 0 with the new Fel Synergy was the most efficient spec for this fight. Using a range of PvP gear ( stamina bonus) and PvE gear ( spell damage bonus) is not necessary, although it is advisable for a smoother, faster fight.

Spells to use: KEEP THEM DOTZ ROLLIN! Abuse life-drain as much as you want in this fight.

Pet to use : Voidwalker for tanking, and if needed, Sacrifice when the initial waves of dragons come.

Pots that i used: Flask of pure Death, Wizard Oil and Basilisk ( spell dmg) food.

Glyphs : Voidwalker and Healthstone Glyphs.

To the Fight:

Phase one:

Let your Voidwalker tank Onyxia in the usual position. Stay at max range and take your time with the dps. Easy phase... just a little boring if anything. Carry the slow dps throughout until phase two. Mana efficiency shouldn't be a problem.

Phase Two:

Siphon Life as many of the adds as you possible can, aswell as keeping Onyxia dotted up. Once all of the adds are on you, sacrifice your VW and instantly resummon a new one. Have him tank all fresh waves of adds in the middle ( eating the deep breaths) as you dps Onyxia at the sidelines. SoC spam if you get the chance, although its not really necessary.

Phase Three:

Basically revert back to phase one tactic's. The only real difference in this phase is the fear, which bears little to no threat what so ever. This is an extremely easy fight, although it's still boring at the same time.

Well and good if this helps you... But at the end of the day all i'm trying to do IS help. So before you flamers start thinking that this post is designed to offend your Family's honor, just take it for what it is. Constructive questions are more than welcome and encouraged.

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WotLK Event: Zombie - Trade with opposite faction

As you all know, the WoTLK even is starting up. As you know, you can become a zombie.

Now, part of this is a repost, the other part isn't. I'm posting both just for those who don't know.

When you become a Zombie, you literly turn into a Scourge, your allied with the scourge, you speak their language (Zombie). Now, if someone of the opposite faction is a Zombie, their Scourge too. Your both allied. Now, you can talk to each other, trade with each other, invite each other to groups, as if you where the same faction.

How to: Make sure your a Zombie, and find someone of the opposite faction is a Zombie. Simply talk to them, open a trade, or invite them to a group.

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WotLK Event: Become a Hands Free ZERO CLICK Regenerating Zombie

Alright so alot of the recent posts have been talking about what seems like countless bugs with the zombie world event including how to heal yourself, however healing yourself the way the other threads indicate requires your acttion of clicking a button and you might not get there in time if you are under attack and trying to get yourself out of there.

There's a solution - heal yourself constantly with no more effort on your part after initial setup.

Download the Addon Outfitter.
It is available on many web sites, and via WoW Matrix

Put an additional ranged weapon in your inventory.
Doesn't matter which.

Set up an automation in outfitter, to swap your ranged weapon with another in inventory when you have 100% (or 99% if the clicking gets annoying out of combat) health or less.

Set up another automation in outfitter, to swap your ranged weapon with the OTHER ranged weapon in outfitter with the same condition (equal or less than 100% health, or 99% health).

Enable both automations.

Every time the global cooldown from swapping weapons one of the automations will think it needs to change the ranged weapon and will do so automatically. After it's equipped the other will, and then back to the first and so on. Since you can swap weapons in combat, this will work in combat.

Congratulations, you are now a fully 100% regenerating zombie, enjoy your full heals every second or two. No future clicks required. Anyone feel like a flag runner? How about soloing with mobs that won't be able to 1 shot you?

It will cost you swings in combat, but then zombies were never known for their speed. just live and endure.

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Wotlk event: Increase zombie damage

Unequip all items before becoming a zombie, as you transform rapidly equip everything including your weapons. The result? A lot more damage on autoattacks and mangle.

Suggestion to make this even better (provided it works in the firs place) for Pallies and Mages

Get the whole "You will become a zombie in 10 minutes" thing.

Create a macro

/cast Divine Shield (or Ice block, whatever)
/equip (insert gear here)
/equip (insert gear here)
/equip (insert gear here)

Alternately you could set up outfitter to automatically equip a certain gear set when a condition is met... or... don't hold me to this, but I think there might be an option in there to save a predefined gearset as an action bar icon.

Put your iceblock or divine shield there...

create another macro to simultaneously click that slot and cast divine shield at the same time, then you have all your gear suddenly coming on as oopsed to what you're limited to with the ordinary macro character limit.

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Wotlk event: cripple flight paths and zones as a Zombie

all you have to do is go to a flight master use your putrid plague ( #2 on the hot bar ) and all the gryphon's/bats will spawn as they are neutral they wont attack but they don't stop spawning i think i had about 5000 before i stopped.

happy winning

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Wotlk event: All About ZOMBIE (And how to become zombie fast and be IMMORTAL)

As some of you might now the WOTLK event have started. You can get a "become-a-zombie-debuff" form a suspicious creates in Booty Bay. In order to become a zombie, you have to wait 10 minutes for the buff to activate. If you want to skip those 10 seconds, just duel someone, loose the duel and you become INSTANT zombie. Have fun As a zombie you can infect other players, all the MOBS are neutral and everyone in the cities hates you

1: You can infect NPCs by using the Retch! skill. Wait a few seconds so they get the debuff, kill them and they become zombies too
2: As a zombie you can comunicate with the other fraction and trade with them
3: You can heal in combat by equiping and unequiping the item on your ranged slot!

P.s. Paladins: can use bubble for instant zombie
Mages: Ice Block
think of something else and post it if you want

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Hide and Heal AB while Horde Ignore You (dwarf only)

I didn't actually think this would work because I gave horde more credit than they actually deserve apparently... No less, if you are in AB and a the farm there is a pumpkin several paces away from the flag that is slightly larger than all the others. If you are playing a dwarf pally (and maybe priest - I haven't tested with the animations) you can stand inside the pumpkin with only the smallest bit of your head sticking out the top (at least with my pig tail hair cut - for others it might not stick out at all). if you position yourself right your head will blend in with the stem, and you can heal indeffinately from your clever hiding place.

It's not fool proof because you can still be targeted, and if people have their interface to set up to show character names they'll see your name. That said, I'm amazed at how often when I stand there horde just run right past me. Apparently either not all that many people have the names turned on to see the red over the pumpkin to target, or people see the red, don't see an alliance character standing anywhere, and assume it's a corpse on the other side of the pumpkin and keep on running.

On average I'd say I get people attacking me 75% less while standing in the pumpkin vs, often being one of the first to be targeted when they realize that I'm healing.

You can obviously hide there as a gnome too (even better actually since they are smaller) , and other classes but if they see the pumpkin tossing fireballs at them, or you make an attack before someone else resulting in an auto target, it might not do much good. I guess if a mage wanted to they could keep people sheeped from there, but it's kind of a waste of a player on the team.

For me it's been pretty damn useful, but as I said not fool proof. Depends on how observant/smart the horde are. It's a better than alot of hiding spots since it's close to where the action should be (at the flag) and thus you can actually do something while hiding.

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World of Warcraft Exploration : On top of blackrock mountain - in LIVE

Title says it all. This was done with out the use of any backround cheat engines or such things, just little modifaction in MPQ files allows this unbeliviable exploiting.

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World of Warcraft Cheats: Sell old pets

The old pets that you once had are no longer soul bound. I had a captured firefly that I am now going to try to sell. I think its an exploit as these are pets that shouldn't be able to be traded now.

I figured this out right as my server came up and I decided I should share the news.

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WoW Cheat: Generate Endless! money with drinking beer

Note: I tested this today on my live realm. Please confirm when it works on yours.

When i bought the brewfest "Beer of the Month". You get this mailed if you got a club membership during the brewfest. I noticed that they don't disappear when they are drunk, but still create empty bottles.

And now the big point: You can sell the empty bottles for ~50 copper per 24 stack. This is quite nothing, but remember that you can produce endless stacks of them. Use this exploit as fast as possible, i think it will soon be fixed!

Tips: Go somewhere to a vendor, where nobody observes you. Maybe you just wont somebody to see you endless drinking, with an army of squirrels around you.

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WoW Cheat: Train to Grand Master in Tailoring in LIVE

The furbolg trainer in the Timbermaw Cave just trained me up to Grand Master Tailor in live, a day after the patch. I was just grinding some rep, hit revered and went to talk to the ones inside to see if any quests or whatnot opened up... and bam, 12 gold later I have 50 achievement points and am at 375/450 tailoring.

I consider this an exploit, as no other profession trainers I can track down will do this yet, so it seems an unintended oversight by Blizzard. Enjoy!

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RAF leveling without recruiting anyone

This only works if both characters are within 4 levels of eachother.
I suggest you find a good friend who can use the trial account for the 20 levels, multibox both chars or you can try to push the extra levels granted as far as you can.

Anyways, to the point.

We all know about the recruit-a-friend triple XP and stuff, but what if you want the triple xp but dont have anyone to recruit? ( or just dont wanna buy another account)

The answer lies within Trial accounts !
Here is how it goes:

  • Create yourself a trial account ( Get new mail, send recruit to that mail, create trial account, you know the deal ).

  • Log in with your normal account and your newly created trial account. Do this on either 2 computers or just run two WoW clients on same computer.

  • Log on to your Alt ( the one you want triple xp on )

  • Create a new character on the trial account

  • Party up

Now for the sweet part;

  • With your real Alt, summon the trial account char ( Or if you also created a new alt, just meet at the start)

  • With your newly created TRIAL character, die. Release ghost.

  • With the trial characters GHOST, take follow on your real Alt.

  • Play with your alt, kill mobs, do quests. You will recieve triple XP, even if the trial account is a ghost!

Just make sure the ghost is on follow/close by. Doing it this way, you dont need to worry about the trial character dying or some shit like that.

I have only tested this on lower lvl chars, but I see no problem why it shouldnt work on higher level chars, as long as you play in Azeroth!

some Pictures

I hope this isnt to blurry, If you dont understand some part, Ill try my best to make it more clear.

When the trial account ends ( 7 days i think ) Just create another one, if my memory is still with me, I think you should be able to create up to 5 trial accounts per IP or something.

For More World of Warcraft Exploits cheats, strategies and more, I recoment mmOverload

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World of Warcraft Gold guide: 300g every hour

How to (formerly) make 150g every 30 minutes, req Dru-Rog

Formerly, this was 150g every 30 minutes on my server, Gurubashi. However, do to some recipes, mass farming by my friends and I etc, it is now a steady 100g every 30 minutes and only going down from here. I have made my goal of 30k gold, and far exceeded it now Razz So I'll gladly share for the poor resto druids out there.

Before you read further, you need a at least a geared Druid and moderately geared rogue, pref extreme gear for best results, season1-2 is enough for each to be truly efficient. Druid can be feral or restoration. Lastly, one of you needs enchanting.

Instance: Sethekk Halls
Goal: Stealth runs
Bosses: Primarily Ikiss, though Syth if you want to even out the reset cap.

Core strategy: Stealth up to the room with Syth, hide behind one of the torches. Wait for the bird pat to leave, rogue goes first and agroes. Druid now runs past, through other side of the room. Rogue brings Syth to exit side of room and vanishes. Both proceed up to Ikiss.

The bug, Blizzard realized this was a HIGHLY-profitable stealth runnable instance, and to tame it they added in 2.1 or so for Syth to detect stealth. The beautiful thing is, unlike most stealth seers who ignore vanish. He still has the old mechanic as if he was not a stealth seeing npc. So, the rogue can evasiontank/CLoS and simply vanish him off at the other side of the room, instead of keeping agro and dying.

Now stealth up to Ikriss, you can use distract in some tricky parts -- but I can 100% confirm, you can walk past every single unit with no distract, even the birds, as a druid. When you are in Ikriss's room there are two strategies outlined below, one for feral (bit more tricky) and one for resto.

Strategy 1, Restoration (easy): The rogue becomes the tank. Simply keep a 3 stack of LB up and it should be enough to keep him alive through all damage, if you are a little weaker geared through in a rejuve and emergency regrowth. The trick is the healer stands on the pillar, only coming out to entice a sheep (no dps on rogue for 1.5 s, always tries to sheep 2nd on threat)and keep losing it so he can't get it off. After the blink, hide behind pillar, with the rogue, remember only use the back two. After the arcane explosion give the rogue time to get threat as you don't want him sheeped. If he does get sheeped, go bear and stand on him until he pops out and gets threat back. Rinse and repeat this process until dead.

Protip for druids: LIFE BLOOM GIVES THREAT TO YOUR TARGET! Rejuve gives threat to you, etc. Remember that, will help you in here and in other instances. Actually it may have been changed to no threat, but either way -- its good to know.

Strategy 2 Feral (Harder): When you get to Ikriss's room the druid is the tank, rogue is a dps. Tank and spank like nromal, whenver he blinks, pillar and heal yourself. NEVER heal the rogue. The rogue will receive all heals from the sheep as he will be second on threat, and you will never be sheeped as you are immune. Simple process, rinse and repeat until dead.

KEY NOTES: Ikriss ALWAYS drops 2 level 70 blue items, or guaranteed 2 large prismatic shards. Thus, each of you makes (on my server currently)20g a kill. There is a chance, I would say one of every 5 set it seems that he will always drop a primal nether for an extra 40g, 20g each. This is why it is worth it to roll with a friend, you both get hooked up equally, no trading off.

When we stopped doing this about a week or two ago as we have more money than Duck Tales, we had it down to 7-9 minute runs and would never wipe. so 20g per 7 min, 35 min 100g, do an AV come back do it again -- usually selling the prismatics in stacks of 10 as it matches enchants.

If you want to make the timer hit right on the hour, do the first boss 2-3 times. I've never attempted him as feral, I just see the relative flaws in it, so I'll give the simple strat for restos.

First boss: Rogue tanks, just keep LB up, fight him towards back of room to not pick up bird pat. When adds spawn, stack heals, go bear form, rogue kills off all adds, pop out top off, repeat. Ignore third set of adds, stack heals, help dps boss.

Good luck everyone

This guide was original postet at mmOverload The best site on the net for World of Warcraft wotlk exploits!

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120k exp / hr 48-52 Affliction Warlock grinding.

This video demonstrates how an affliction warlock can level once an hour (or twice an hour if rested!) until level 52.

The only other way to level any faster in this dreaded level range is with the help of two level 70's and an instance exploit. This can be done in trash "of the eagle" greens.

I hope this doesn't make everyone roll warlock. :P

In b4 nerf.

This exploit was original postet at mmOverload The best site on the net for World of Warcraft exploits!

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Avoiding Repair Bills in Gruul's Lair

If you're in a pug Gruuls, and your group is made of epic fail, this exploit is very useful. Basically, this exploit allows the player to avoid a repair bill by resetting Gruul in an easily accessible, glitched location. If your tank dies or idiots die from shatter, run to this spot located here...

When you're positioned at this location, wait for abit until Gruul aggros on to you, he will evade and eventually reset.

Gruul will put a cave in right on top of you, simply heal through it, bandage, whatever.

This exploit was original postet at mmOverload The best site on the net for World of Warcraft exploits!

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WoW Exploit: l opposing players on the Isle of Quel'Danas without getting aggro on the guards

To do this you need to be a warlock.
Use Enslave Demon on an Abyssal Flamewalker, go find an afk player of the opposite faction. Place the demon next to the player and put it on Stay.

The demon has a passive ability that deals a small amount of fire damage to nearby targets without getting aggro on the guards.
If that player however attacks the demon, the player will get attacked by the guards.

It only does about 145 dmg/tick so killing a player might take a few mins, but if you are two or more warlocks you could speed it up alot.

This exploit was original postet at mmOverload The best site on the net for World of Warcraft exploits!

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WoW WotLK Beta Exploit - Unloading

Cast a spell just before you right click the chair, and everything you can interact with (moving doors, clickable objects etc.) will be unloaded along with NPCs and/or creeps. Video below:

Some cool things you can do:

  • Get into SM without Key

  • Get into Ironforge or Stormwind without guards

  • Be tracked but not seen by your opposing faction

This exploit was original postet at mmOverload The best site on the net for World of Warcraft exploits!

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