World of Warcraft Champion TCG Decks Now Available

The World of Warcraft trading card game not only helps players take their game out of the PC, but it gives them control of the very forces of Azeroth. I’ve been playing the game for a while now, and Cryptozoic has always found ways to keep it interesting. Just recently they’ve added a brand new twist to the game that can really give players a new way to get involved – the Champion Decks.

These new Champion Decks will have players wreaking havok in many new ways. There are five total, each with their own specific set of cards. Players will be able to pick and play as either Sylvanas Windrunner, Jaina Proudmoore, Hogger, Murkdeep, or Elderlimb. There’s one deck for Horde, one for Alliance, and three different Monsters.

Each of the decks comes with a 60-card pre-built deck that’s ready to play out of the box. You’ll also find inside a Crown of the Heavens booster, and a bonus artifact or loot card. Each of these retails for $11.99, which isn’t too much to break the bank. They’re available now in retail, so grab yours and start clashing!
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100,000 World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria Beta Keys Being Sent Out

World of Warcraft players, check your inbox or account. Blizzard says that they're sending out an additional 100,000 invites to the Mists of Pandaria beta today.

This latest wave of beta keys was sent exclusively to Annual Pass members. The Annual Pass is a twelve-month commitment to WoW that guarantees you access to the Pandaria beta. It also entitles you to a free copy of D3. You have until May 1st to sign up for the Pass.

"We appreciate that everyone who signed up for the Annual Pass is genuinely excited about seeing the new content and helping us test it for release," said Blizzard. We definitely want to get all Annual Pass holders into the beta test as soon as humanly (and technologically) possible."

The beta started last week. Some Annual Pass holders were unhappy that they didn't get in right away. However, Blizzard says that staggered invites were necessary in order to make the beta servers run smoothly.

"To do so, we need to make sure that our new systems remain stable as we add players. If we let everyone in at the exact same time, we risk damaging the stability of the service, and then no one would be able to play. We can’t let everyone in at the same time; however, all Annual Pass holders will be invited before any opt-ins."

Mists of Pandaria, the fourth expansion for WoW, will raise the level cap to 90 and introduce a new continent for players to explore. It also adds a new Pandaren race and Monk class available to both factions. Blizzard expects to release the expansion later this year.
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Blizzard's Project Titan is 'Fun', Currently Being Playtested

Project Titan is the name given to Blizzard's next MMO. Despite having very little information to go on, we do know that Titan is being developed as a successor to World of Warcraft in terms of its dominance over the MMO market.

Blizzard plans to give it their all after they release Diablo III, and the Mists of Pandaria expansion for World of Warcraft, which is tentatively dated for a late 2012 release.

With no BlizzCon this year, we can only expect Blizzard to make an announcement about Project Titan in 2013, and with any luck, the game will be out by 2014. Granted, given Blizzard's predilection towards malleable release schedules, the game will only be "done when it's done."

Blizzard's Rob Pardo let slip on Twitter that Titan is currently playable despite being in a 'pretty rough' state.

Needless to say, we won't be hearing much about the game's development until after Diablo III is released on May 15. Assuming it's released, and they don't allow the deadline to slip again.
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No elevation restriction with heroic leap

Found this out when the permanent transformation expolit was put out, ( get too many instances entered recently, try to zone in with ~2-3 seconds left on desired xfrom).

Anyway, when I'm the naga, (Archeology, bones of transformation) i can heroic leap up hills, even if the cursor is an 'x' noting that i cant jump there.

The desired spot needs to be in jump range and 'in line of sight'.

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"I will be dere to end ya rule, swiftly and silently."

I doubt he'll be warchief, but I hope he kills Garrosh all the same. it would be a nice and tidy end to his reign.

I'll be watchin' as ya people slowly become aware of ya ineptitude. I'll laugh as dey grow ta despise ya as I do. And when tha time comes dat ya failure is complete and ya "power" is meaningless, I will be dere to end ya rule, swiftly and silently. Ya will spend ya reign glancin' over ya shoulda and fearin' tha shadows, for when tha time comes and ya blood be slowly drainin' out, ya will know exactly who fired da arrow dat pierced ya heart.

Legalize Peacebloom!

VOL'JIN 2012! I, for one, welcome our new troll overlords.
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Kill Malygos on 25m LFR

Mass Summon (Have group will travel) required.

  1. Bind yourself to the innkeeper nearby Eye of Eternity in Borean Tundra
  2. Que for LFR
  3. On second general - Hearthstone - and then go into the Eye of Eternity.
  4. One loot is being rolled on after second general dies. Mass Summon everyone to Eye of Eternity. - This works most often as Hagaras lair is also called, Eye of Eternity.
  5.  Once enough have zoned in - Pull Malygos to enter people in combat~



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Diablo III More Class Skill Videos and Sword of Justice Issue#3

With Diablo III release coming closer and closer every day, Blizzard is releasing another set of new Class Skill Videos. This time Which Doctor is getting most love with 4 new videos including: Wall of Zombies and Fetish Army which brings a lot of memories about Diablo II, Act III . All Videos can be found under the Original post on Diablo III community site.

Just a few days ago Diablo Comic book Sword of Justice Issue #3 was released. This is Important news for all Diablo storyline fans, as according to rumors, events from Sword of Justice will be most likely continued in the Oryginal game.

For those of you who don't remember what Sword of Justice is, quick remind: Sword of justice is 5 part comic book telling about the events after Tyrael Destroyed Worldstone by throwing his sword into it. Main character of the comic book, Jacob, revives visions of an Ancient Prophecy from Tyraels sword, the visions leads Jacob to... well, enough of spoilers  More info about Sword of Justice can be found here.

Quick reminder how World stone was destroyed:

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One of the most badass pieces of artwork I've ever seen

As a horde and zerg player I'm almost torn, it really is great artwork, but damn I hope the endless horde and zerg swarm them. Someone just needs to make a picture of Kerrigan as the Queen back-to-back with Garrosh. Or Baine. Sylvanas. That'd be cool.

I can't really decide if Raynor would get along with Wrynn. Having never played Alliance, I don't know anything about his character really. Except that I'm biased and don't like him.

Here's a 2073 x 1382 version:
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Worst Button Placement in the Game..

A few days ago I waited in a queue for a while (good 20 minutes). Saw a person in cool gear, accidently invited them instead of inspecting them. The rage...

What's worse is destroying something to empty your bag but accidentally trade it with someone next to you. i immediately log out right after. Whenever I accidentally do that, I always accept the trade window with my junk in it, leaving them slightly befuddled.
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Make Your Self Look Like Mario And Luigi

First off, you will need to be level a level 15. This is just something silly i found somewhere and saved, just found it and thought i would share


for the chest, get blue overalls

Blue Overalls

It is created by a tailor --
4x Bolt of Woolen Cloth
2x Fine Thread
2x Blue Dye
1x Red Dye
For the shirt, get red linen shirt
Red Linen Shirt - It is created by a tailor -- 4x Bolt of Woolen Cloth 2x Fine Thread 2x Blue Dye For the shirt, get red linen shirt Red Linen Shirt Also created by a tailor-- 2x Bolt of Linen Cloth 1x Coarse Thread 1x Red Dye.

If you want a hat for mario, go to Scarlet Monastary, Run the cathedral, kill high inquisitor Whitemane, and get her hat, "Whitemanes Chapeau"
Whitemane"s Chapeau

Looks alot like the mario hat in my opinion.

For boots you can use default boots, i have figured out they work the same


Green Linen Shirt

Also made by a tailor
3x Bolt of Linen Cloth
1x Fine Thread
1x Green Dye

And if you start off as a paladin, you automatically start with a big hammer, so the weapons set

Have fun!

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There is a reason it's called the Swamp of Sorrows...

I find the fact that her last name is Blackman more amusing than the reference. I don't know why.

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Found this in the barbershop in Stormwind

There is also a wandering merchant in Duskwood named Antonio Perelli, who selling potions (miracle elixirs). He even predates the barber shop.

Obviously someone who worked on the game was a fan of the play.

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[Darkmoon Tiger] Early start in Arathi Basin (no teleport!)

The Darkmoon Tiger can eject you through the gates in AB... and currently there is no teleport afterwards to stop you.

I have seen videos posted in the past with this glitch, but a teleport field always stopped them... that field seems to be currently disabled in Arathi Basin, for whatever reason. Not sure about the other BGs.

Glitches like these tend you get you reported and banned very quickly. Proceed with caution.
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Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War (book cover)

I'm in two minds about Christie Golden.

I found her Arthas book to be rather disappointing. It was virtually a copy and paste of dialog from Warcraft III and WoW with almost nothing new in terms of back story or real insight. I appreciate she couldn't really mess with the core plot because it's so well known, but I was waiting for a really interesting and heart wrenching story of his fall from prince hero to ultimate villain, but in the end it was very lightweight and almost as bad as George Lucas's Vader story in the prequels.

That said, "The Shattering" was way better and proved she can write.

I just hope they don't just opt for the "she goes batshit crazy and joins the dark side" thing. It's becoming a bit tired as a plot device.

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Warlock Solo Morchok MOP Beta

Took me 1 attempt, with a couple wipes to trash.

The other person in my group soloed morchok.

There is absolutely no question that these changes have made warlocks viable tanks, the real question is if blizzard will leave them in and/or be able to balance their pure mitigation model against the avoidance model of all the other tanks.

Video of warlock killing Morchok is here:

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Yes, Blizzard went there. ಠ_ಠ

Gotta love Blizzard's warped sense of humor, I just wasn't expecting jokes about anal penetration with fruit - It's a good lesson though.

BTW.. Did you Ever notice that the female Druids in we carry around Tel'Abim bananas?
Guess it gets lonely in there...
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I love the tails on the red Pandaren

I like more variation in a single species. If they ever update the Draenei it'd be nice if they made the option to be a Broken as well.

I am super pleased considering Red Pandas are my favorite animal. Certainly going to be my main panda. I wonder if they don't have a version for male yet or if they aren't planning on implementing it. Would be weird if they did it for one gender but not the other.
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Solo stonecore mount in 5 minutes per run

1: Stealth / run past the first trash pack
2: Pull the second and third, this will the first trashpack to come chasing you
3: Nuke Millhouse to 50%, and escape combat in any way. Vanish, Feign death, leave the instance etc.
4: Reenter, and skip all 3 trash group and spawn corborus
5: Skip corborus and proceed to slabhide
6: Kill, loot teleport out

This was done as a tank in 5 minutes total

I hope this will make your farm faster, happy hunting
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A Fifth WoW Expansion Already In The Works

During a visit to Blizzard's HQ to see Mists of Pandaria, CVG spoke with COO Paul Sams about the future of World of Warcraft once the latest expansion goes live. He confirmed that the fifth pack is already in the works, and that the team even knows what additional expansion packs will contain. Other than that, he wouldn't cough up any details as to what these packs will contain.

"I got the pitch from Chris Metzen of what they plan for 6.0 and I'm pretty geeked up about it," he said. "They already know what they're going to be doing for multiple expansions ahead. They have an idea - a general framework. They're these lore creators. They're the ones who drive what the world looks like today and what it'll be like tomorrow and beyond."

"I think the future of World Of Warcraft continues to be bright and I think Mists of Pandaria is going to breathe huge life into what I believe is the best MMO out there," he added. "I think the number of people we have playing and the level of enthusiasm they have for the game suggests that to be the case."

"This is the next of many ways in which we're going to grow and improve and evolve this game," he concluded.

CVG suggests that WoW's roadmap indicates that team members may not be pulled away from development to work on Blizzard's other MMO, Titan. On the contrary, the roadmap indicates that the core lore creators are busily building on the virtual world and capable of sustaining continuation while other members are assigned to the Titan project. Blizzard certainly isn't going to focus on one over the other although right now it's primary focus is WoW given that it's the primary money machine.

News of a fifth expansion pack already in development shouldn't come as a surprise. After Blizzard saw a dip in subscriptions once players quickly devoured the third expansion, Cataclysm, company president Michael Morhaime said they would focus on decreasing time between content releases. "We need to be faster at delivering content to players," he said. "And so that’s one of the reasons that we’re looking to decrease the amount of time in-between expansions."

Currently Blizzard just opened the doors to the Mists of Pandaria beta. Those who got into the program received a confirmation email with instructions on how to download and retrieve the installer from Blizzard did not provide direct links in the email, so beware of fake beta approvals (if they get past your spam filter, that is). The email may or may not look like the image below (as the installer hasn't shown up in the account as of this writing):
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Now this is rage.

I'm inclined to say troll, but After reading the last paragraph, can't tell if troll or butthurt 10 year old.

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Mists of Pandaria Beta Launches!

The Mist of Pandaria beta testing phase has officially begun. Blizzard is inviting players in waves so be sure to check your email! The beta finally launching is great, as this opens up tons of new options for World of Warcraft exploits, exploration, model editing, and general chat, and once again we can expect to start seeing lots of fun and exciting content from World of Warcraft, whether it be from a general shake up in the World of Warcraft, or from exploits and such.

Hopefully this means we can expect an official launch date on Mists of Pandaria as well. With the recent announcement of Diablo 3 launching on May 15th 2012, it's likely that we'll start hearing news of the Mists of Pandaria launch date soon as well.

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Mists of Pandaria Preview

Thee normally indefatigable vice president of creative development, no doubt taxed by myriad projects, falls over his words and momentarily pauses during the Mists of Pandaria press event at Blizzard's sprawling Los Angeles headquarters.

Then, with traditional Metzen panache, a few jokes are cracked and it's back to business.

"In a lot of ways, Mists of Pandaria isn't really predicated on some big world boss, or some big grinding global threat.

"The big global threat to define the next couple of years of WoW gameplay is really that war is coming."

Pandaria then isn't comparable with any of the three previous World of Warcraft expansions. Bold as it may be, it won't attempt to capture new or existing players with tales of massive, unseen foes lurking in challenging instances. Rather, the Eastern setting features lush forests, bountiful wildlife and shimmering seas reminiscent of the time when the level cap was a mere 60, and the paint had barely dried on Blizzard's massive MMO.

"This is all gearing up to be something we believe players have wanted for a very long time", continues Metzen.

"There isn't a huge central villain, but there's a huge central storyline."

After three expansions, it's clear from a development perspective that Blizzard is at the top of its game. Pandaria has progressed significantly since last year's BlizzCon, with the majority of the Pandarian island entirely populated by quests. The additional development time has afforded the art team to stir their creativity cauldron, as themes extracted from multiple Asian-orientated cultures dominate the landscape. From the bright red pagodas, stepped farmland, jade statues and endless blossom trees, to the more monumental achievements such as the Great Wall of Pandaria, massive temples and a new contender for the highest peak in the game, the Pandarian design philosophy is representative of the new life Blizzard is attempting to put back into its ageing leviathan.

With Blizzard's obvious desire to provide a back-to-basics approach comes an associated risk. The content is extremely susceptible to good-natured ridicule, and Blizzard themselves aren't beyond using Pandaria as a vehicle for their own sly humour. Consider Stormstout Brewery, the first new dungeon on display. This unlucky facility has been overrun by Hozen; a diabolical race of malevolent monkey-like creatures who are utterly ruthless when sober, and downright dangerous when drunk. By requisitioning an errant barrel and perching precariously atop, players can roll around the floor the brewery smashing Hozen before eventually tackling Virmen - small, rodent-like creatures under the control of their super-sized boss Hoptalus.

Then it's time to take on the Alementals - reskinned, reanimated versions of elemental whirlwinds found elsewhere in Azeroth - until the final boss Yan Zhu The Uncasked is revealed. It's a veritable pun factory, but in typical Blizzard fashion, when viewed against the backdrop the irreverence simply works. Considering that players are controlling an anthropomorphic panda with considerable martial arts skills, taking on a boss capable of making beer pour from his attackers ears isn't really any more unexpected.

Continuing the tradition of updating dungeons where possible, Scholomance has now come under the scrutiny of the art and animation departments. Creepy paintings and statues with eyes that follow the player now add to the haunted theme, and some pathway modifications will see previous passages closed, and new doorways opened. As can be expected, texture and model quality has been bumped, along with creature and boss animations. Darkmaster Gandling, in particular, will surprise many with his new, colourful abilities.

Two new PvP zones will feature in Pandaria, the first of which seeks to utilise an artefact to add a new dimension to combat. Players who pick up this artefact steadily accumulate points, the quantity of which is determined by their proximity to the centre of the zone. Nothing is ever that simple however; whoever possesses the artefact is struck down with a healing curse, and simultaneously buffed with additional damage. The location - a large, outdoor area dominated by a giant pagoda - captures the quintessential architectural cues central to Pandaria.

The second zone, located beneath Stranglethorn Vale, features plunging mineshafts populated by slow moving mine-carts atop switchable tracks. By default, each cart will eventually end up at either an Alliance or Horde node, supplying a more or less uninterrupted supply of points. Those wishing to deny the opposing faction swift accumulation of these points must use levers located along the rail to switch the carts to a more laborious path, slowing down their transit. It's a clever concept that will undoubtedly have many scratching their head as to the most efficient areas to defend, and which levers offer the best opportunity to damage the enemy's supply route.

Seeking to capitalise on the popularity of the exceedingly difficult Amani Bear and Baron Run timed events, the newly-implemented Challenge modes offer five-man teams the ability to compete for Bronze, Silver or Gold status and the accompanying glory and loot. Leaderboards track the successful, including information about their party make-up, and new armour sets on offer for the victorious feature class-specific animations; the only on display featured large, shoulder-mounted dragon heads breathing fire at random intervals.

World of Warcraft players are universally good at burning through new content at an alarming rate, so to top off the Challenge mode, Blizzard will also offer new content in the form of Scenarios. These are PvE challenges designed for groups of between three and 25 players according to the nature of the event. Scenarios will task players with coordinating efforts to complete a specific goal - the example on display involved assisting a Pandaren brewmaster to complete her brew during an electrical storm; high voltage being a prerequisite for a good kick. After managing this, she needed to be escorted to a temple where players used the power of the brew to defeat various minions and a final boss.

Blizzard also has a "Scenario Finder" in the works that will assist players to quickly locate a group in order to participate.

Perhaps seeking to slow rapid discovery, there's no immediate ability to fly in Pandaria. Instead, players will need to attain a particular level, then visit a flying trainer to adopt a new mount. These multi-coloured Cloud Serpents must be acquired from an egg, and raised through obligatory daily quests in order to mature to a fully functioning creature. Rather than a swooping dragon, these creatures move gracefully, their wings providing the heavy lifting, with their long tails billowing like a streamer behind them.

Having previously served a purely cosmetic use, pets will have added functionality in the form of Pet Battles. Keen to demonstrate this, Blizzard set up a short video showing Arthas and Illidan selecting pets to do battle, with each creature using their own innate skills to eventually determine the winner in turn-based combat. There's no record kept of each victory, so this mechanism represents about the most hands-off, non-competitive action between any two players in the game. Whether or not Pet Battles have any staying power amongst even the most casual of players will be interesting indeed.

The Monk class due to be introduced with Pandaria has undergone numerous changes, yet still retains the same focus on swift DPS through chained combo attacks and the re-inclusion of auto-attack. In addition, the Chi point accumulation seems to err on the side of caution; players are encouraged to spend it quickly, as there appears to be little advantage to accumulating five points when many abilities that require one or two Chi are more than capable. But perhaps the most astonishing addition to this class involves the seriously complex animations now afforded to this fighter. Levitating and skimming the ground, the Monk can fall into battle, accumulate a few Chi points swiftly then begin a spinning kick that can swiftly knock the life out of any foe within range, all of which is masterfully rendered.

As for the future, Blizzard are quick to point out that the boxed copy of Pandaria is a different beast to the inevitable patching that will occur after launch. While at release, players will be progressing through a complex, story-rich environment with the ultimate aim of stockpiling assets for war, future content will deal with the eventual invasion of Pandaria, and the unseating of the hated Garrosh Hellscream.

Metzen's back on track, focused anew as he talks passionately about the lore of the land.

"I'll just cut to the chase. The final patch of this expansion set does not occur in Pandaria. Things get so naughty, and so out of control, with war crimes committed that it kind of spirals into crazyville.

"The final patch for Pandaria will actually be the Siege of Orgrimmar, where both factions for various reasons pretty much lay siege to this city to bring Garrosh down.

"We're leveraging a lot of our main characters, and I don't think we've had this much fun building a Warcraft story in manyears".

Approaching its eighth year and facing a downturn in subscriptions, World of Warcraft needs Mists of Pandaria. It marks a deviation from the staid artistic evolution shown in previous expansions, instead offering a bright new land ready for exploration and eventual domination. Those put off by sceptical reactions bandied about at Blizzcon 2011 will likely be surprised by the serious attention to detail Blizzard has committed to this project.

Indeed, assuming that the cutesy outward appearance of the citizens of Pandaria implies anything approaching a lack of care on Blizzard's behalf is a mistake indeed.
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WoW considered for iPhone while creators play Star Wars: The old republic

Blizzard Entertainment is still trying its best to port its largest title, World of Warcraft(WoW), into the iOS platform, according to WoW Senior Producer John Lagrave in an interview with Eurogamer.

Lagrave admitted, though, that such an endeavor is a big challenge for his team. “It's hard! This is hard!” he said as he held his iPhone. “Maybe we'll stumble on the great way to put WoW on the phone - maybe we won't, but we're certainly looking into it,” he continued.

While the idea of having the full WoW mobile experience is still up in the air, Blizzard has already released the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory, an app that allows WoW players to view their character sheets, manage guilds, and use the auction house from the screens if their iDevices.

Losing players to Star Wars

The interview with Lagrave also touched on the dip in WoW users worldwide. Lagrave acknowledged that the decline —from over 12 million players to just above 10.3 million— could be attributed to Star Wars: The Old Republic, a rival Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) from BioWare.

“Of course people are trying Star Wars – our development team are trying Star Wars!” he exclaimed. “It certainly has to at least be attributable to The Old Republic, but it's also attributable to people who want to wait and get Mists of Pandaria, so it's not surprising,” he added.

Lagrave highlighted the adjustments that they’ve made to compensate for the waning subscriptions, most especially on the move that allows players to try WoW for free until Level 20. He also mentioned the possibility of ‘extending the level of the trial’, but bluntly rebuked that it’s still all ‘on the table.’
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[Darkmoon Tiger] Ruby Sanctum exploration - patch 4.3.3

We've seen this trick done in the past using Auto-Unstuck (gone now for a while) and with Blink (Mage only) in this thread from two years ago, but the use of the Darkmoon Tiger, as shown here, opens this exploration up to every class. Using the Rocket Boots of course takes the exploration to another level, and allows you to roam the entire outer circle of the Sanctum. Much love to Dhoomh (aka minimega1316), Seminko, Reznik, and all those explorers that came before me. The music is Mam's 'Modern Heat' edit on Fina Records, mixed into Todd Terje's 'Ragysh' on Running Back Records. Enjoy this exploration!

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After the news we heard today - Occupy Orgrimmar!

What Thrall wanted, what players want, and what the orcs in lore want, are all different things. Seeing Orgrimmar from your average orc's point of view, Thrall was raised by humans. He never led his people to Victory or Death, he wasn't ever around when there was blood to be shed, he essentially had regular visits in his chambers by a human, to essentially talk politics, treaties, and have tea... and during the most important battle of modern Horde freedom Thrall was sitting in his room, planning a trip to Nagrand to see his grandmother while Garrosh was literally on the front lines in Icecrown sinking Alliance airships and spitting at Arthas.

Orcs want a war hero. Someone who will give them Victory or Death. You have to keep in mind that all orcs in Orgrimmar are most likely veterans of at least two wars. Orgrimmar is only like 7 years old. These orcs were not raised as Shamans in Nagrand, they have lived long lives where all they can remember is the blood haze of the demon blood, or simply having been raised amid war. The concepts of peace, politics, negotiations, barter are all rather foreign, bitter tasting words that they are wholly unfamiliar with.

Garrosh is the leader the orcs chose.

Then again the orcs in Nagrand, the non-fel tainted orcs, are quite docile and shamanistic. I don't get your vibe you're making. The orcs invaded Azeroth under the influence of the Blood of Mannoroth.

Prior to the orcish corruption in Outlands, they were quite friendly with the draenei. Peace is described prior to Ner'zhul's thirst for power after being enticed by Sargeras.

I'm not sure what the orcs want in truth, but I know many other citizens of the horde seem uncomfortable with Garrosh's leadership, specifically the Tauren, Trolls and the Undead.

It may be the orc leader the orcs want, but it certainly isn't the leader the Horde wants. :P

Keep in mind that Thrall is most definitely my favorite character in all of Warcraft; I'm no Garrosh fanboy. I simply respect the chemistry.
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As a Tauren, the new announcements made me so happy!

"Garrosh... Garrosh...! Cairne WAS MY BROTHER!!" Was a pretty good indication that we were gonna see his death brought to justice

Highly unlikely Garrosh gets killed though. Metzen has acknowledged that re-using characters over and over gets tiring, and expressed that it takes a long time to get us to care about new lore; it's much more likely that we'll see Garrosh dragged through the mud for a while to help flesh him out and develop his character. For someone as bold as Garrosh, we're going to need some very bold actions to teach him some humility and restraint. the horde no longer needs him though, i mean think about it, thrall only needed him to hold down the fort while he saved the planet, now garrosh is going to declare war on the alliance outright and fuck the horde up more, Thrall is going to have to take action because he isn't just going to let the horde die.

But then again Thrall just can't come back to the Horde and be on their side now, since he is the most powerful Shaman, no most powerful Mortal on the planet now. There are no old gods, there are no dragon aspects, it's just leaders now, and with Thrall as the Aspect of Earth, he's far to powerful to belong to one side. He'll probably try to calm Garrosh and bring peace to the Horde but this will likely push Garrosh away into "A new era" for the horde.
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Thought it was an appropriate parody of those images

Yes, hello, I'd like to play a male Horde character with a reasonably straight spine, please.

That's why there's the infinitely superior goblins!
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Biggest fear in Ironman Challenge

I leveled an Alliance rogue on my server specifically to fuck with the horde, and this was one of the spots.

You would stay stealthed on the bridge, and when a horde would run or ride out to or from the lift, you distract in between them and the edge of the bridge, this would effectively turn their character and make them run right off the side. The first time I did this, a group of 4 horde were riding to the lift from the town, and they all ran right off the edge when I distracted them. Those were good times.

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Only a hunter would notice this!

hello my dear friends. My discovery is'nt groundbreaking but its the details that makes up for a sad story.

It all starts here

There is a graveyard at that place. Located in silithus

Besides the graveyard there is a very small village

Actually whats interesting is that. I don't know if you can see it in the picture above but it does show that there should be 3 humanoids in the village. I am standing right in front of one but still i see nothing! There are no people under the ground nor above the village. So what im actually seeing is ghosts inWoW

The names of the humanoids are;

Layo Starstrike
Zannok Hidepiercer
Jarund Stoutstrider

That those are ghosts is just my conclusion. I thought it was interesting to see what you guys would say ;P

Edit: Only half of my screenshots are shown ill include a wowheadlink to see where the humanoids are so that the destination is shown on Wowhead instead.
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New Mists of Pandaria screenshot of the day.

Awesome looking armor, but...

Is it me or does it look like that Undead player was photoshopped into that pic? Maybe a sign that they ARE working on updated character models, but the Undead one wasn't done and they just wanted to show the gear?

/tinfoil hat

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Diablo 3 Release date - Finally announced!

After a multitude of speculations, rumors, and delays, Blizzard Entertainment has finally announced that Diablo III will be released on May 15, 2012.

Just a little over a week ago, rumors about an April release put the Internet on the look out for evidence confirming the news. One look at the splash page of the, however, now puts all that speculation to rest:

In the same week, in an article on IGN, Diablo III director Jay Wilson said that they had to trim down the player-versus-player (PvP) feature so the game can make its then-tentative release date.

“We ultimately felt that delaying the whole game purely for PvP would just be punishing to everyone who's waiting to enjoy the campaign and core solo/co-op content," Wilson said.

A PvP patch will be available for download on a later date. Blizzard promised that the patch will include “Arena maps with themed locations and layouts, PVP-centric achievements, and a matchmaking system."

Until then, Blizzard encourages the players to enjoy the single player and co-op game modes once the game is released. “You'll find some consolation in the fact that soon, you'll be having a blast leveling characters, finding items, learning the classes, and perfecting builds…and that when the Arenas do arrive, you'll be all the better prepared for battle,” Wilson concluded.

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Saw this guy dancing in front of the Bank today...

I got a 72 hour ban for creating a guild and character called Kony and trying to recruit "invisible children" i.e. rogues. It was worth it.

It needs to be said, whenever I see that people are still in support of Invisible Children:
  • The LRA is not in Uganda anymore and Uganda has been in relative peace for the last 5 years.
  • The current Ugandan government came into power the same way that the LRA has attempted to come into power: child soldiers. It's part of the culture.
  • The LRA does have a purpose, contrary to what the "KONY 2012" video would have you believe. They were opposing their oppressive government.
  • Ugandans have stated that they don't trust Invisible Children and feel that they are treated like they are stupid.
  • The LRA is a well-known group to world leaders, but they've done nothing because that's the way the world works. We aren't fighting Libya's war or Israel's wars. Generally speaking, it is in a country's best interest to leave foreign military affairs to foreign countries instead of sending their own soldiers to die fighting someone else's war.
  • Invisible Children has been accused of spending less than a third of their donations on Africa in the past, with the founders making six-figures per year from the charity. While the expectation is that they will spend a larger percentage of their "KONY 2012" donations on Africa, they will also end up making more money as the result of their video's spread.

Kony is still a bad man and should be put to justice. However, this is not Invisible Children's primary interest and it is not the place of foreign governments to intervene.

Also, Invisible Children is a questionable organization with a shady past. Plus, note that they shamelessly ask you to pay them for slacktivism for the last minute or so of the video. A charity doesn't fight wars, military does. Giving money to them accomplishes nothing.

By the way, it's pronounced "Kohn."

tl;dr The "KONY 2012" video is a nice, biased history lesson, but it is delivered by a group with questionable goals and encourages the USA to start war in Africa.
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Skip first part of Trash in Stonecore for easy Drake Mount farm.

So I was trying to figure out how to skip the trash in Stonecore to be able to make the run faster and not waste a lot of time killing those 3 groups of trash and found an easy way to do it. Must be able to solo bosses in normal btw, I do this on my rogue and feral druid(both are lvl 85 with normal/heroic DS gear) Im pretty sure every lvl 85 tank can do this.

  1. Skip 1st group by going to your left
  2. Skip 2nd group by going to your right(killing the lil ele rocks on your way)
  3. You goin to hit 3rd group and run to the entrance without aggroing 2nd group. Once the 3rd group reaches the 2nd group it will automatically aggro the first group too.
  4. All you gotta do now is nuke Millhouse Manastorm to 50% and he will run all the way to 1st boss and all you gotta do is run outside the instance and back in. If you are a rogue just vanish.
  5. Now you can skip all those 3 groups of trash without having to kill them and that saves me at least 10 mins of having to clear up to boss and makes this my rogue be able to go to boss since trash kills my rogue. =(

I was having a hard time thinking if I should put this in guides or exploits but since it takes stuff that blizzard didnt intend by skipping those 3 groups I put it on Exploits. Mods feel free to move it to guides if you feel like it doesn't belong here. I'll be gladly answer any questions.
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This is dedication. Found in a WOW Sight and Sound carpark last week (for the non-Australians the store name is just a coincidence)

What I would have liked to see is the expression on the car owners face after I leapt through the air and drove my axe through the bonnet of the car while yelling 'LEEEEEEROOOOOY!!!1', before looting the distributor cap.

It's pretty nice. Dedication though? I have a friend with Frostmourne tattooed on her back, from the tip of her neck to.. well you get the idea.

Maybe it's just me, but drawing something on your body seems like the ultimate in dedication, lol.
But, that's a very nice car. I'd drive it :)
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Mists of Pandaria Screenshot of the Day

Blizzard has just presented new feature: Mists of Pandaria Screenshot of the Day, which can be found on World of Warcraft community site.

MoP Screenshot of the day, from now on will keep you updated about new environments, characters, creatures and much more.

Don't forget to check new daily screens and let us know what do you think about new Mists of Pandaria screenshot!

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[Old School] Hyjal Past Exploration (Bonus Clip at End)

Basically I ran down to where Archimond (probably butchered his name, but its the last boss) and did some Heroic Leaping and found a way outside and got into Winterspring. In the video, you can explore around Winterspring, as well as Felwood. You will probably need some sort of slowfall to get down the mountain side, as well as hook on at the right place so you can Heroic Leap to the right place. At the end, it seemed like I got stuck, but was able to get out. You can reach Felwood by doing the same warrior tricks that have been shown in my previous videos (visit my post on Old Hillsbrad Foothills on the 3rd page. There is a video on how to climb a large mountain, which can be helpful to get an idea how it works.) There is a bonus clip as well at the end. In the clip, I show how I used to get into Hyjal way back in Vanilla WoW time period (2005-2006 time period.) This is probably the only place in the game where it is still possible to do this, and I wanted to show people and reminisce the old days of exploring Hyjal.

If you are in the area, there are many places where the Heroic Leap trick works. Just keep searching around and you will find a way out!

Difficulty: Medium

Hope you enjoyed. Not sure what is wrong with my computer, but it has been laggy lately, so my apologies about the quality of the video. My settings must have got changed when the patch came out. Let me know if the video doesn't work. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, and visit often for more releases. (I had better music in the video, but YouTube once again blocked from the US... guess I will just keep using the YouTube music from now on.)
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Counting Down The Days To Diable III, PvP On Hold

From the Diablo III blog:
As we’re counting down the days until we’re ready to announce a release date for Diablo III, we’ve come to realize that the PvP game and systems aren’t yet living up to our standards. Today, we wanted to let you know that we’ve made the difficult decision to hold back the PvP Arena system and release it in a patch following the game’s launch. After a lot of consideration and discussion, we ultimately felt that delaying the whole game purely for PvP would just be punishing to everyone who’s waiting to enjoy the campaign and core solo/co-op content, all of which is just about complete. 
While we work on making sure PvP lives up to its full potential, we hope you’ll find some consolation in the fact that soon, you’ll be having a blast leveling characters, finding items, learning the classes, and perfecting builds…and that when the Arenas do arrive, you’ll be all the better prepared for battle.

I like this attitude. Release the main game polished and shining, then release a patch later to bring in the PvP so that it “lives up to its full potential.” Do the whole thing upfront and transparent.

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Legendary Shield

I felt like a charred scale shield off deathwings back would have been the perfect legendary for dragon soul. daggers just seem so out of place. On the other hand legendaries need to be rare now, don't they?
Deathwing is huge, you could make hundreds of shields out of his scales. You could make legendary trinkets out of his eyes or something.

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Line of sight EVERYONE with flag.

Someone found a way to line of sight everyone in WSG when carrying the flag . It only works on some races. 

The confirmed onces are Orcs and humans .

You need to have a speed buff , 30% or more . Works with potion of swiftness .

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Hearthstone under Orgrimmar

1. Get under Orgrimmar, check WizardTrokair's exploration tutorial on exploration section for ideas how to get underground.

2. Get under Valley of Spirit's inn.

3. There is a place where you can interact with innkeeper but still stay under ground in water. Bind your HS to inn.

4. Test it!
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Warlock Trick: Have as many minions as you want ( 5 Minutes )

First: Queue for a dungeon with a friend.

Second: After the dungeon is over, Have your friend stay in group still, make sure he doesnt leave.
Third: Enslave a demon, And click "teleport into dungeon" ( You will notice your enslaved minion isn't there in the dungeon with you )

Fourth: Teleport out of dungeon, and then you will see your enslaved minion next to you, however you will not be able to dismiss him what so ever, And he has no cast bar but the enslave demon buff is still on him for the remaining 5 minutes.

Fifth: Enslave another demon, and do steps 3 and 4 over again.
Keep doing this as a rotation to get more and more minions.

Edit: A few more details:

1) You need to have a pet out while casting enslave demon, otherwise the enslaved demon will just vanish when you teleport to the outside world.
2) Hearthstoning will dismiss all the extra demons and turn the last demon you enslaved hostile. This happens even if you are on the same continent.

Currently trying to find a decent place around Orgrimmar that has a lot of enslavable demons.
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Split up lvl 80 boost and free char xfer from SoR

With SoR, you can boost up a char to lvl 80 and xfer him to another server. If you decide to xfer a lvl 85, you cant boost another char up to 80.
here is how to do it:
  1. Create the lvl 1 char or log on the char you want to boost to 80. make him transfer ready.
  2. Logout ingame, go into battlenet. choose realm transfer + lvl 80 boost to the char. click continue, but dont press the last button before transfer.
  3. Login, get 20k+ gold (or less, depends on lvl) on this char, so its over the transfer gold cap. logout.
  4. Press okay to the transfer. an error will appear: char has too much gold.
  5. Wait a short time. log on your char. he will pop up to 80.
  6. Now look at your SoR history. You split up lvl 80 boost and free xfer!

As you can see on the screen, i already got lvl 80 boost and can reclaim free xfer.

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22880 rep with Argent Dawn - Neutral to Revered in less than 5 min !

I was doing some quests in Eastern Plaguelands, and I got the quest "Argent Call: The Trial of the Crypt". It is supposed to give you 500 reputation with Argent Crusade, but when I completed it, I got 22880 rep with Argent Dawn, it brings me from neutral to Revered with the Argent Dawn, for this short quest.

Excuse me for my spelling mistakes and the French UI of WoW

Seems working as intented as WoWHead say that the spell Trial of the Crypt: Set Argent Dawn Faction To Min Revered will be cast on you...
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Darkmoon Faire Fishing - Great for low levels!

This came up on Faid's livestream on the 5th. The Darkmoon Faire has many fishing pools which contain 1-2 Sealed Crates (typically one). The crate contains a few silver and some cata materials (herbs, ore, leather, cloth, potions, elixirs, and volatiles), as well as Darkmoon Faire food and drink.

Most crates are located near the shore, although some swimming will be required on the northern half of the island and around the smaller islands near the shore. There are no hostile mobs in the area, so you'll only have to worry about your standard fishing competition and the opposing faction if you're flagged.

An hour spent fishing on my little level 17 net me a little over 500g on the alliance side of Rexxar-US during off-peak hours (I had two competitors while fishing, both with mounts). While not the best gold per hour, it's pretty nice for lowbies with very little starting capital.
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[Bypass Height Limit] Un'Goro Crater

Found an exploit with the item The Fossil-Finder 3000, the item is provided from the quest with the same name, The Fossil-Finder 3000 - Quest - World of Warcraft obtained from Spark Nilminer found in Un'Goro Crater.

The item points the character in the direction of the fossil, once at the location using the finder places a mound of soil underneath the character, this soil is a solid object that can be stood upon.

The fossil-finder can be used while mounted, using this the soil can be spawned above ground allowing soil to be placed at the height limit, once placed there can move onto it, going through the height limit. From there am able to fly around Kalimdor above the height limit.

Just for clarification; the mound can only be created at the fossils set location in Un'Goro, but at any altitude.

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SWTOR: Strategies

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