Northrend Loaned Flying Mounts = Awesome

At level 77 those of us that are too broke to afford Northrend flying can apprently rent a loaned flying mount from "Honest" Max at K3 in The Storm Peaks. The mounts available are:
Loaned Wind Rider Reins
Loaned Gryphon Reins
The mount is free, it flies, but it moves at walking speed. It's a pain if you need it to explore, but it does have some handy uses.

You can mount while moving.

You can mount in combat.

You can even mount while falling.

I believe if you purchase Northrend flying you're unable to get the free mount, but I was able to get the free mount, then I purchased Northrend flying, and I still have the loaned mount in my inventory. I'm not quite sure what other uses it has, it's still a pain to get around while using it. But it's nice to get out of combat free.

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WoW WOTLK Level 70-80 In 10 Hours Leveling Guide / Exploit----“No Place to run”

For this Exploit

- you need the Quest “No Place to run” in Dragonblight
No Place to Run - Quest - World of Warcraft
it is a Level 74 Quest, which starts in Dragonblight.
-more than 5 Ppl to help you

Normally you use a Questitem to spawn a Crystal on the Floor, then Mobs run to this Crystal, trying to destroy it. Those Attackers give Xp, are really fairly easy (bombable) and run all towards the same Point (Crystal).

The Exploit is:
Unlimited Crystals can be “active” at the same Time, ( you yourself can spawn 2 Crystals simultanously, but your Friends can also spawn them ) so get your your Helpers together, but !!!DONT GROUP!!! You can Tag “their Questmobs” and they give you XP!

I was able to do 3 Levels in less than 2 Hours ( 16 Level 70-80 Chars helped me - we were last in our Guild )
together with a friendly Paladin, wo tanked those Mobs , while my Hunter spammed Volley on those Mobs.
I think you can do this with less Ppl and it would still be effective. this is also great for Multiboxers imo

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World of Warcraft: Uber grind money spot

These are the mobs : Risen Soldier - NPC - World of Warcraft
    Mobs Level 80
    Health 3780
    Drops Around 30 Silver,
    Instant Respawn likely

They seems to also have dropped cloth until they got fixed. Only drop money now. Between 8-40 silver per mob. They aren't instant spawn but they spawn relative to the other mobs, so if you kill X amount then another pack will spawn. That means you'll never run out of mobs here.
They hit me for 80-100ish on mail, could pull whole area and aoe.

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Level 74 instant spawn - 288k xp per hour (use it while it last)

Go to Grizzly Hills, Thor Modan (67,15). The two Subterranean Threshers swimming in the chanal respawns when killed. They got about 10k hp and give about ~800xp to 77level character.

If you manage to keep 1k dps without stop, thats about 800 exp per 10 seconds. giving around 4800 per minute. Wich totals to 288000 (288k) per hour. That is if you manage to keep it up without stopping (fury warrior, ench shaman, feral druid, warlock, spriest) it could very well work.

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World of Warcraft Gold Guide: 1 Item. 1-2k Profit.

Tome of Polymorph: Black Cat - Item - World of Warcraft
also this can be considered Tome of Polymorph: Serpent - Item - World of Warcraft

Npc selling the book is here Endora Moorehead - NPC - World of Warcraft

Alot of people dont have a clue this item can be bought or confuse this item with the turtle drop.

This is a Limited Quantity item (i think 6 hour respawn shared for both books, so 12 hour per book).

Basically i just bought it then posted it on the AH for 3499G and it was sold the next day. My server is pretty small so this is on a high pop server would go for more as more of the same class need it. Also the more you are in kirin tor rep the less it cost u to buy.

You can also buy the Arcane Brilliance books and resell them. I personally didnt have much success with those simply cause ppl think 1k for a spell make no sense. But the book is pretty catchy.

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Make up to 1k+ an hour!

Best hurry, because the prices for eternals are higher now than they every will be!

For this guide, it helps for your faction to have control of Wintergrasp, as it will show you how to farm eternal fire in Wintergrasp very quickly. On my server, eternal fires go for 75-150g, and I can farm up to 12 per hour.

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WoW Exploit: Argent crusade faction reputation made easy

Basically what you're doing is sacrificing a few daily slots for some Argent crusade rep. Anyone who's 80 and is trying to get instances for Argent crusade rep can be a bit of a bastard (my server anyway, lack of healers in the guild with so few people online and 80) and it's basically limited to this one daily, which has you go from person to person to do their tasks, and if you do it on time you get extra rep, and then 75 rep for each task, and 3g 12 silver (iirc) for each task aswell.

Well, I thought, this isn't all that much rep, 600 rep a day is pretty shit tbh, so I started thinking of some other way, and I found this minor World of Warcraft exploit that helped me a bit get revered

The thing is, finish all the tasks, turn them in, collect your gold and rep (300 in total for all the tasks) and then abandon the main quest (Troll patrol its called) and then what you can do, is go pick up troll patrol again and do all the tasks for some extra rep (300 each time, and you can do this as long as you've got daily slots )

You can do this 6 times a day, if you want to use your daily slots like this, which means 2400 rep from a quest intended to give 900.
For More World of Warcraft Exploits cheats, strategies and more, I recoment mmOverload

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Champion of Anguish Exploit *Fast Levels*

I finished the Champion of Anguish quest (equivalent of Ring of Blood quest) in Zul'Drak, but a guildee needed it, so I decided I would help him out.

I was not group with him, or anyone, and I just attacked the mobs as he started the quest.

All of sudden I got 18k experience! I thought that was odd. Next mob, 25k xp! Then 27k xp!

I figured out why.

When the mob entered the arena I just tagged it. Mob tagging.
Why is this significant? With each kill you get 10-15k xp (20-30k if rested, like I was).
Each party kills 5(?) mobs, I think so that's 50k, and they still get credit for the kill.

There are usually 1-3 groups there so you can always use this.

Hope it works for everyone else!

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World of Warcraft trick: Best Frostweave+Uber Grind spot !

In Icecrown Glacier you will find a very neat Grindspot
Moblvl: 79-80
EXP: 1050 EXP (I'm lvl 79)
Respawnrate: 10-60 Seconds (**** !)

They Frostweave droprate is very high and always drop about 50 Silver
Use it befor it gets fixed

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Get "1000 Emblem of Heroism" Achievement Faster!

Theres a series of achievements for looting from 1 to 1000 Emblem of Heroisms: see here on wowhead.

Well, when you get to level 80 and start running Heroics and doing raids, when a boss drops an Emblem of Heroism when you go to loot your Emblem spam click when you're looting the emblem and it'll give you credit more than once depending on how fast you can click!

I got the achievement for "25 Emblems of Heroism" after only looting 11 of them.

This isn't an exploit to actually get more than 1 Emblem per boss, it merely gives you credit more than once each time you loot an Emblem for the Emblem achievements.

Above you see the totals before looting the boss.
Belov is the totals after looting the boss.

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Huge World of Warcraft Exploit: lvl 75 to 80 easily

This has now been nerfed. Check below comments.

First you need to be 75, then you head to the place where you turn into a ghoul and start doing scourge quests for Drakuru.

Once you are at the quest: "Hazardous Materials" , complete "Drakuru's task" (You will earn 21k XP)

Now cancel the quest, and redo Drakuru's task and cancel etc.

If it's not fixed you will earn 21k XP everytime you turn it in.

what you have to do for Drakuru's task is to kill Darmuk with a MC'd troll and thats it.

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World of Warcraft Leveling trick: 7k Per kill at level 71 Easy kill

This mob has now been nerfed abit. Check below comments.

In the quest Mighty Magnataur you have to kill 3 Magnataurs which are fairly easy. They also give 7k xp per kill and spawn ever 10-20 seconds. So heres how you do it.

For casters-
Iceshatter is the best choice for a mage to kill, since he casts and wont be hitting you.
Strategy-Just kite around with any instance cast spells when he starts casting move 10yds away and nuke, easy kill.

For melee-
Drakegore-He is the best choice for melee to kill, since he doesn't cast any spells or anything.
Strategy-Just a mixture of kiting and straight up attacking.

Heres the quest for you people who want to know where to go Mighty Magnataur - Quest - World of Warcraft

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WotLK Cheat: No Durability As DK.

Just a little thing I noticed.
Not sure where I should've posted the thread, but here comes.

If you are a Death Knight with the Unholy talent Shadow of Death (Increases your total strength and stamina by 2%. In addition, whenever you die, you return to keep fighting as a ghoul for 45 seconds) you loose no Durability when you take suicide or cancel the buff from yourself.

It's pretty nice since you save some Gold

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World of Warcraft: 70-80 in less than 15 hours

Athene did it and got banned even though GMs said he wouldn't. He goes in detail as to how he did it.

For those of you wondering how to mob tag:
1. You enter instance with your group.
2. You get kicked from your group.
3. You attack the mob first (tag it)
4. The rest of the group DPS it even though its grey for them.
5. You get full xp for it.
6. You get reinvited in the group before you get kicked out.
7. Repeat.

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Azjol-Nerub Instance Guide

Once you get going in the Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) expansion, it does not take long before you run into many of the instances that are available for players to adventure in. Azjol-Nerub is the third level-up instance in the expansion and is located along the north-western edge of the zone of Dragonblight. This instance is a part of what once was the empire of the spider like Nerubians. However the Lich King has largely destroyed their empire and slaughter the Nerubians. While it is only a small part of their vast underground empire, it is intimidating in its own right. The area is also infested with the scourge as they remain there from the war with the Nerubians.

To get to the instance you must enter an underground cavern and either drop down a hole to the meeting stone and instance portal, or wind your way down a ramp and risk getting lost in the labyrinth of tunnels. Dropping down is probably the easiest way, but one you do you immediately come face to face with several of the Nerubians, luckily they are friendly.

The Nerubians that you find are right beside the summoning stone and will provide quests to you once you are the proper level for the instance, which is level 72 to 74. Right beside the stone and quest providers is the instance itself, which is very convenient. Also, if you look down the tunnel just to the left of the stone you will see another instance portal in the distance, that one is to the slightly more difficult Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom meant for players level 73 to 75.
Most of the mobs Azjol'Nerub are either spider based or undead (or both at once). In addition to the trash mobs in the instance there are three bosses: Krik'thir the Gatewatcher, Hadronox, and Anub'arak. Many players will recognize Anub'arak from his appearance in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

The first boss you come across when you enter is Krik'thir the Gatewatcher, whom you reach very quickly after entering the instance. In fact you can see him after only a single pull. Once you reach his room there are four groups of MOBs to clear and then you fight him. Once you pull the first of the four groups it starts an event that leads to each group coming in turn and then the boss. Once he attacks he has several abilities that you need to watch for including: mind flay, summoning adds, and an AoE curse.

The curse he applies is called Curse of Fatigue and affects the target and anyone within a small radius. He casts it at what seems like random targets at intervals throughout the fight. It hits the target and those around it for roughly 3000 shadow damage and a 10 second debuff that slows movement, attack, and casting speed. It makes it important to keep separated during the fight.

Throughout the fight he will also summon a number of insect adds that can just be grouped up and AoE'ed to death. Lastly he enrages when he is near death and hits harder and faster. The fight is slightly complicated due to the fact that you want to group up for AoE'ing the adds, but need to keep your distance for the curse.

The second boss is also a scripted event. When you enter the area you face a large armoured beetle type MOB called an Anubar Crusher and various other adds. In this area you are walking on spider webs, and if you look down you can see the giant spider Hadronox below you. As soon as you engage the first group with the Anubar Crusher the event starts and the boss starts moving up its web. You need to kill the first giant beetle and it's guards, then two more groups appear, which also need to be defeated. Once they are, spiders continue to spawn occasionally and Hadronox should be near the top.

You engage Hadronox as do the MOBs in the area. You need to control not only Hadronox, but the adds as well, which will attack you or him. The issue with the MOBs is that any time one attacks him and he kills it, he gains health. So, if you let him continually attack them, he will regenerate to full health very quickly.

Hadronox himself has several abilities including a web attack that pulls players and MOBs closer, another web attack that immobilizes players, and an AoE poison attack.

The best way to fight him seems to be clearing the initial 3 groups that include the crushers, then allow Hadronox to continue to move up the tunnel. Pull back and wait for him to clear the adds that are accumulating there, then when they are all dead, pull him back to the entry ramp and fight him there. Without the adds adding in, it becomes a much easier fight.

Once Hadronox is dead you descend down his web and find a hole leading downward. Once you enter the hole you fall a long way down into a pool of water, where you see an ancient temple in front of you. Make your way to the temple and engage the two guards that must be defeated before facing the last boss, Anub'arak.

Anub'arak is another version of the giant crusher beetle and has a few abilities to deal with. You must DPS him down to intervals which seem to be 66%, 50%, 30% at which points he submerges. While submerged non-elite and elite MOBS spawn. You must clear the elite MOBS to have him resurface. While underground he also launches spikes up through the earth that cause damage and fling anyone on them into the air. They are relatively simple to avoid though, just watch for the ground bubbling and move, you have about 2 seconds warning. When he surfaces for the last time he will enrage near death.

After you have defeated him you are done in the instance. Continue past him and you can find a quick exit portal, since there is no way back up to the way you entered.
The instance is extremely fast, essentially being three scripted guard and boss fights with single groups of trash in between each one. Including the groups of guard MOBs that trigger each boss fight there are only 9 packs of MOBs in the whole instance! The entire instance can be completed in roughly 30 minutes. The instance is very well laid out and is extremely visually appealing. Most groups will find this an extremely entertaining instance.

Guides to all instances in WoTLK, strategies, secrets and more can be found at mmOverload Sign up to day, and get ahead of your game!

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World of Warcraft cheat: Get into Dalaran

Myself, My friend, and his girlfriend all figured this out.

Here's the short guide. Go to The Storm Peaks in Northrend and die. This will grant you the ability to fly around as you're dead.

Now what you do is fly to the south-western most end of The Storm Peaks, you can fly very high and then make your way to Dalaran.

Keep in mind that this may or may not take a few attempts but you'll get it eventually.

Now that you're in Dalaran, what DO you DO?

Easy. Log out, log back in, use the auto-unstuck feature and rez at the spirit healer. Piece of cake!

You're now alive and well in Dalaran. Go set your hearth, do the quest so you can use the crystal from ground level, and you're set.

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World of Warcraft: Death Knight Easy Wrecking Ball

If you have the talent Shadow Of Death in the unholy tree. You can easily get the wrecking ball achivement as a death knight with this bug, upon turning into a zombie, quickly click the Self Explode button (The one that kills yourself and does damage to everyone around you) and this will auctually not count as a "Death" where if you die in zombie form, you would be counted for a death.

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World of Warcraft Warlock Felhunter Exploit

There is a way to keep the new Fel Hunter buff "Fel Intelligence" without having that pet summoned and it's really simple.

Summon the felhunter. Make sure the Fel Intelligence button is toggled off. Remove the Fel Int buff if you currently have it. Now just manually apply the Fle Int buff to your character.

Now, set your felhunter to "Stay" mode so it doesnt follow you as you run away from it. Keep running until the felhunter despawns.

Congratulations, you can now summon your Felguard or Imp for leveling and still have the Fel Intelligence buff.

I have also heard that you can do this by turning autocast on, then entering an arena. Immediately summon your Felhunter. Once the Fel Int buff is applied to you, immediately leave the arena and you should still have the buff but with no pet (pet despawns upon arena exit now). However, I have not personally tested this second method.

Anyhow, have fun with it.

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World of Warcraft Exploit: Stay in the Starting Area of Dalaran Arena

I got into Dalaran Arena and ran right after the start of the arena to the very left/front of the pipe i started in. And when the water came that should have pushed me out, I stayed where I was. I wasn´t able to repeat it till now, cause i wasnt able to get into Dalaran Arena this often.

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WotLK client downloader

A few hours ago, blizzard released a client downloader which lets you download the "REAL" client for WotLK. upgrade website

(if you have a key of course)rapidshare link - RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

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Skip the MASSIVE WotLK Queue

This is a very simple method that I'll be using to skip the queues that will probably be 1000+ on all server.

- 10 minutes or so before the servers reboot to allow LK accounts access, log on to the game.

- When you see the server countdown for the restart, Alt + F4 out of the game once it's near then end (1 min or so)

-What this allows you to do is skip the queue so you can log back into the game and start playing again.

-The reason that you're able to do this, is because many raiders complained that when a member of the raid were to DC during a fight, they would all have to wait for that player to log in even if there was a massive queue to get in, resulting in 39 very frustrated raiders

-Blizzard changed it so that you'll be able to skip the line, but your little window of opportunity will only last 45 minutes or less. That is why you use that little method right before the restart

-Happy leveling!

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Get 500g per raid boss

When your fighting raid bosses ( last raid boss of a raid ) they drop around 500 gold now everyone gets shared amount which is around 12gold.

Wouldn't you love to take that 500 gold and say keep it without anyone noticing?

Here is what you do

Join a raid PUG ( dont do this with your guild unless you tell them first ), ( Gruuls and Mags work the best...Kara and ZA are the worst....MH and BT have been untested as this far but should work on Illidan and Archi)

Turn on auto loot and bind it to shift ctrl or alt

When the raid boss is on 2% or around 10k hp LEAVE THE RAID and allow it to auto loot you will instantly get the gold as you no longer are in the raid you GET ALL OF IT, the downside to this is you dont get the epic loot but who needs that with wotlk in 2 days.

Sum it all up

    1. Join Pug Raid
    2. Auto loot on
    3. Leave at around 1-2%
    4. Auto loot the corpse
    5. No one notices because it doesnt say "John recieves 500 gold"
    6. Save up for WOTLK by doing BT MH and so forth.

Have fun and remmeber you may not get it the first couple of goes just pray

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Death Knight Level 55-60 Video walkthrough

For those of you who want to level a Death Knight, these Videos of the 55-60 run, you can get them with the following links!
They are HQ and full , the crator is Talking through the Guide, so if you dont like it , just listen to some musik.

Part One:


Part two:


Part Three:


Part Four:


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How to delete your mark of honor

I'm currently working on grinding out honor/tokens in BG and ran into a little snag. I had 98 tokens and the following game our team won, which sent the 3 mark of honor to the mail.

Now with the current currency system, you are unable to shift+click to separate the stacks and delete a few. So after some googling I found a little fix to get around this snag.

All credits to Razakel-Shattered Halls (US)
    With patch 3.0.2, battleground tokens (and a few other things, for example, Badges of Justice) are now listed in the new Currency tab in the Character window. Unfortunately, this means players with too many tokens are unable to destroy one or two in order to pick up some that might be mailed to them.

    I've written a couple of macros that will destroy one of whatever token you want rid of. Press enter, copy and paste the text below into your chat frame, and press Enter again.

    The Currency frame is basically a bag that isn't available through the normal interface. This macro looks through it until it finds an item that matches what it's looking for, then picks one of them up and destroys it. You can also use this macro to delete Badges of Justice, if you're so inclined. Just change i to equal "Badge of Justice".

    Warning: Running this will delete one of whichever token it refers to without confirmation! Please ensure you are deleting the right one.

    To delete an Alterac Valley Mark of Honor:
    /run i="Alterac Valley Mark of Honor"; for y=1,GetContainerNumSlots(-4) do l=GetContainerItemLink(-4,y) if l and GetItemInfo(l)==i then SplitContainerItem(-4,y,1); DeleteCursorItem(); DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(format("Destroyed 1x%s", l)); end end

    To delete an Arathi Basin Mark of Honor:
    /run i="Arathi Basin Mark of Honor"; for y=1,GetContainerNumSlots(-4) do l=GetContainerItemLink(-4,y) if l and GetItemInfo(l)==i then SplitContainerItem(-4,y,1); DeleteCursorItem(); DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(format("Destroyed 1x%s", l)); end end

    To delete a Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor:
    /run i="Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor"; for y=1,GetContainerNumSlots(-4) do l=GetContainerItemLink(-4,y) if l and GetItemInfo(l)==i then SplitContainerItem(-4,y,1); DeleteCursorItem(); DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(format("Destroyed 1x%s", l)); end end

Hope this was useful to other people grinding honor.

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World of Warcraft: How to Tank like a Pro!

This guide is designed to get you on your feet and going down the path to tanking like a real pro, being the kind of warrior anyone would love to group with.

First of all, the basic concepts:

threat is what any activity against a mob generates, attacks, heals cast on people that the mob currently 'hates', debuffs and the like all generate threat. The mob focuses its main attack on the current target with the most threat. As a tank, it is your job to keep the 'aggro', andfocus the mob's aggression on you at all times, and off of the less armored, more damaging characters like rouges and mages, and the healers.

Most people do most of their threat through damage, not true for a warrior.

First of all, you have several things that give you a bonus to threat generation:

Quick note here: Be kind to your healer, the less heals they have to cast, the less threat THEY generate and the less mana they burn. Use def. stance, and use a shield with a 1-handed weapon, both give you extra damage avoidance and mitigation that translate to more survivability and less healing required.

Back to threat:
Then there are abilities that generate threat FAR in excess of the damage done. "Revenge" only does a dozen or so damage, but generates as much threat as a axe to the head, and it's cheap to use (in rage cost) as well. You can also use Shield Block to create the opportunity to use a revenge. Shield bash not only interrupts spellcasting, but if used to disrupt a caster mob's spells, will make them absolutely LOATHE you. Sunder armor also creates a LOT of threat, and is a staple in most tanking stratagies.

Using revenge and sunder armor along with normal attacks is often more than enough to keep nearly any mob 'locked' on you even against damage dealing allies several levels over you.

Instant Aggro Abilities:
If you LOSE the focus of the mob for any reason, you have several 'instant focus' abilities that force the mob to focus on you, no matter what. They often work by setting your current "threat total" to whatever the current highest is +1, and some (like mocking blow and challanging shout) prevent the mob from changing targets for a certain period as well.

If you're using sunder armor, revenge and attacking consistantly, you ought to have no problem... but mistakes happen, pets accidentally growel, healers have to spam flashes if something goes pear-shaped, ect.

Your first line of defense against a breakaway mob is yout taunt. No rage cost, on a quick cooldown, it's perfect for snaring the attention of a mob. If someone else pulled the mob, and you need to get its attention to start tanking it, taunt is perfect. You can use it fairly often, but try to leave it open in case the mob makes a break for your healer.

You also have mocking blow at mid-levels to force a mob to focus on you. To do this you need at least 4 levels of the "tactical Mastry" talent (EVERY tank should max that out! it allows you to switch stance to use your whole toolkit), if you have more than 20 rage, you switch to battle stance, quickly pop your mocking blow, and then flip back to defensive, building up a little rage so that when the 9-second lock that the mock gives you is up, you can start spamming a lot of sunders and revenges to keep its undivided attention.

Your weapon of last resort is Challanging shout. It's on a 10-second cooldown, but it requires little rage, and it forces EVERY mob in a wide area to focus on you for a lockout period simular to a mock. It's great if you're tanking a lot of mobs (see the second part of the guide...)

With these basic tactics, you ought to be well on your way to tanking most early instances. I showed you the basics of tanking, the skills that will carry you through tanking a single mob, and locking them up well, the basic skills that you develop during your first instances (Like the deadmines or Ragefire Chasm) and will STILL matter when you're a level 80 tanking Arthas (if hes killable in a raid, hoping he is ^^)

Tanking Multiple Opponents Simultainiously
In later instances especially, and even in a few spots in the early ones, there are places where multiple enemies in one pull WILL happen, it's unavoidible.

The focus of multi-tanking is to focus most of your threat on a single mob, which is the one everyone else ought to be attacking, as well as creating enough threat on the other mobs to overcome the threat generated by heals.

Quick note:
Players with abilities that take a mob out of the fight (Rouges with sap, mages with polymorph and warlocks with banish on things that can be banished) can make your life a lot simpler, but you'll be FAR more effective if you learn not to rely on these things.

First of all, you should select your primary target. Selection here is often with the help of your group's MA, or main assist player. This player makes sure that everyone is focusing on one target, the one that is being tanked the 'strongest' so that you only have incidental heat to worry about on your secondary targets.

Second, you need to get everyone's attention. AoE (area of effect) abilities like Demoralizing shout, Thunderclap, Whirlwind and cleave (for 2 targets) help a lot here.

First, the good news, you're going to have between 2 and 5 mobs wailing on you, which means that you'll have rage absolutely pouring in.

That means that you can afford to use expensive abilities like cleave early and often.

When tanking 2 targets, cleave will be the mainstay of your efforts. You will probably easily have the rage to use the sunder armors and revenges you need to lock that primary target, and still hit cleave everytime it lights up. You might have to lay off the comparitively expensive sunders in favor of revenge and shield bash (even against non-casters, ESPECIALLY if you have the talent to improve a bash's heat by 100%) so you can cleave more often.

If you're up against 3 or more, cleave alone won't do it, swapping to berserker stance for a whirlwind works if you're over level 35 (If I recall correctly), but other times, you're going to have to manually retarget for a sunder or 2. Using the 'tab' key is vital here, manually clicking into a melee is often no better than random target selection, but the tab key makes sure you target the next enemy, not that big voidwalker blocking your line of sight on the baddie, or the mob next to the one that needs sundering.

Your instant aggro abilities are pretty weak for multi-tanking, taunt is good for stopping a runner, but you won't hold them long unless you follow it up with some strong rage generation.

The ones with lockouts, those are much much better. A mocking blow can often tip the scale of a fight that you're losing control of, making it so you have 9 seconds where you can ignore that mob and focus on the others before popping back to it for a sundercombo.

Challanging shout, is, as always your last resort, on a 10-minute timer, you can't really rely on it, but when you absolutely, positively need ALL the mob's attention NOW, accept no subsitutes.

Quick tip:
If you're in a group with another warrior, on a tough pull, assigning one of you as 'offtank' and splitting the mob cluster up between you can save you a LOT of headache, even if he only takes a mob or 2 and leads them away from the main melee and tanks them there, he can save you the hassle of having to manage too many mobs.

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Disc Priest 3.0.3 PVP Help

After being a longtime shadow priest and recently gone back to Disc for the main reason of Shadow Survivability is terrible and Dispertion is not worthy of a 51 talent point. YES priest did recieve the least amount of buffs from 3.0 deal with it or reroll.

SPEC as this being a guide would really suggest going 50/11/0 right now due to penance being a channeled spell(NO SELF CAST) and you must be infront of the person, it is a cheap greater heal, but I feel as being the target most of the time Desperate Prayer in the Holy Tree is better for the instant 3k heal. Borrowed TIme is very nice as you gain that talent your PWS is now able to absorb over 2.5k dmg depending on your Spell Power and a 25% haste on the next cast after that is quite nice for fake casting.

More Talent Calculator ! - World of Warcraft SPEC

Current Arena Comps that Work for us now 2s ! most of the cookie cutters still exist after the release of 3.0. One difference is that mostly all dps classes have a huge increase in dmg and healers are some what gimped right now so full dps teams are being favored now.

Rogue/Disc works good still espically with a mutilate rogue due to huge dmg increase on mutilate and the dmg buff i feel priest got you can pull off the 1.5 dps team very well with the right CC, REMEBER MIND CONTROL is your friend its great for a 20 second CC cycle after a fear.

Mage/Disc one of the comps that poped up late in s3 is actually more powerful then ever due to the mass OPness of Arcane atm, with the right mana useage and CC and you actually should dps in this comp, very offensive play style in order to win. You cannot go on the defensive or your mage will oom and you will lose.

My personal comp im using right now Boomkin/Disc its basically a counter to all the new double dps ret/mage ret/rogue rogue/mage teams out there you both have great CC, ok heals and you have your OH SHIT buttons. Combining the CC you are given it works great and boomkin dps is very good for quick kills and target switching. 2100 rated atm on Whirlwind BG

I know there are more comps that work but im only talking about the ones i have personally played over 2k with. Warlock/Disc is gimped as hell right now try at your own risk.

1. Pain Suppresion early enough so it actually has a point too many times have I seen it used at like 15% and they get dropped anyway use to reduce the burst not after it.

2. LOS and Max Range keep your distance you the environment to your advantage dps classes got a huge buff this patch you may have to fight dirty to win.

3. Rogues target us a lot, keep your dots up on them, watch for the cloak of skill on your fear. FAKE CAST i cannot stress this enough triple poison means you cant get by with no fake casting anymore you have to or you will lose. PS early and watch out do now trinket a KS into a blind and get sapped you will lose, get them to waste COS after that you are free to dmg.

4. Bladestorm does a lot of dmg so save Pain Suppresion for it and remember they cant pummel or stop you from casting so spam heal yourself they will prob have a Execute Proc on you waiting after it. If you can fake them out and out run them go in one direction and go the other keep your distance.

5. Ret Pallys are that bad we can beat easily fear+mana burns=amaze oom ret pallys are useless, Mass Dispell on the Bubble and keep your health up, no trinketing repentance.

Im tired and dont feel like writing more right now so post any feedback tell me if it helped. Hopefully a more comprehensive guild will be inc later. Post any questions!!

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Prepare for WotLK: Leveking a Death Knight

First of all it is important that you understand a few facts about the deathknight before you can start gathering stuff...

  • The three talent trees consist of Blood (Single target DPS), Frost (Tanking), and Unholy (PvP/lvling spec).

  • Death Knights will be a tanking dps melee hybird.

  • They will have Dual wield and two hand weapons available, cannot use a shield.

  • Dks wear plate.

  • Use a new resource system called runes.

  • Starts with First aid at skill lvl 270

So, since we know this, we know we need things for our deathknight that give strength and stamina as primary, some agi and AP is a nice extra.

So, the things we can collect are divided amongst a few categories:

First Aid
Lvling First aid won't be so hard since the DK starts at 270 allready anyway. Let's say that to get to 300 we will make heavy runecloth bandages. These bandages require 2 runecloth to make, and we will count in a bit of fails (where we don't get a skillpoint for the craft).

The next step is lvling first aid 300-330 wich is easy too... Just make heavy runecloth bandages till you reach 330.

The next step is 330-360 where you will make netherweave bandages and at last 360-375 where you make heavy netherweave bandages.

Make Runecloth Bandages. You will need make about 30 to get to 300

Make Heavy Runecloth Bandages. You'll need make about 80-90 to get to 330.

300 to 330
Make Heavy Runecloth Bandages. You'll need make about 80-90 to get to 330.

330 to 360
Make Netherweave bandages to 360. You'll need to make about 60-70 to get to 360.

360 to 375
Make Heavy Netherweave bandages to 375. You need to make about 20.

Temporary Weapon Enhancements
There are different sharpeningstones that can be applied to your DK’s weapon. I myself, I crafted 2 kinds of them, one for the lvls pre60, others for the 60-70 grind.

The lvl 50-60 stones are called elemental sharpening stones and are pretty hard to get, cause they use elemental eart as mats wich is almost never at AH, and if it is, its overpriced. Still these stones are worth it!
These apply a one hour buff that increases the critical strike rating on a melee weapon by 28 for 1 hour.

The lvl 60-70 stones are called adamantite sharpening stones ( Adamantite Sharpening Stone - Item - World of Warcraft )and are pretty easy to get, especially since the mats use to make these went down in price a lot lately.
These stones are definitely worth the bit of trouble and money you put into them cause they give a buff that increases sharp weapon damage by 12 and give 14 melee crit strike rating for one hour.

Armor enhancements
Since enchanting your gear, while you keep it only a lvl or 2-3 is kinda pointless (unless you really don’t care bout money) so I would advise the next two items for your lvling:.

Runes of warding
These are by far the easiest and least expensive to get.
Upon use: Enchant a piece of chest armor so it has a 25% chance per hit of giving you 400 points of physical damage absorption. 90 sec cooldwon. Lasts for one hour

Knothide Armor
These are not so expensive either, and can be applied to other parts then the chest (like the rune of warding described above).
Upon use they Permananetly increase the stamina of an item worn on the chest; legs, hand or feet by 8. Usable from lvl 55

Heavy Knothide Armor Kits
A bit more expensive then the regular knothide armor kits, but still not extrememly expensive, and a good help for the deatknight when lvling. Every bit of stamina you can get your hands on will help you anyway.
These kits permanently increase your stamina of an item worn on head, chest, shoulders, leg or hands by 10. Usable from lvl 60

Clefthide Leg Armor

These are pretty expensive if you aren’t a skinner yourself, but the price has already dropped a lot too compared to a few moths ago. These legarmors can only be used by lvls 60, but if you get your hands on a good lvl 58 pants for example, you can give the pants and the armor to a lvl 60+ and et him put it on. Big help, worth the money if you have enough anyway.
These legarmors permanently enhance your legs with 30 stamina an 10 agility.
If you want, you can go for the epic version of these 2, but the difference in price does not justify the gain in stats, or you could go for the cobra leg armors, wich I find inferior however.

This depends on your cashflow… If you can afford them its a big advantage, but sometimes they happen to be quite expensive.
Imo the best way to get prepared for enchants is to gather arcane dusts, greater planar essences and large prismatic shards. Prices on those bumped up a lot already, so the best way to gather them is to buy lvl 66+ gear, and let an enchanter diss them for you.

These also depend on the money you are willing to spend. Some of these glyphs give a big boost on your fightingstyle, and since inscriptors are not so rare anymore they aren’t that expensive anymore (at least the majors aint).
The ones that you can use depend on your spec and your playstyle.

Glyph of Dark Command - Increases the chance for your Dark Command ability to work successfully by 8% - When you're tanking, there's very little worse than a failed taunt at a crucial moment. If you plan to tank often on your Death Knight, this is probably a very good glyph to consider, especially if you're low on hit rating in your tank gear.

Glyph of Blood Boil - Lowers the damage of your Blood Boil by 20% but causes it to slow affected targets for 5 sec. (Movement speed reduced by 30%.) - While this glyph offers some intriguing functionality, I personally cannot see it being used much if Death Knights stay the way they do. Blood Boil, as a functional ability, is probably primarily for AE tanking. Unfortunately, with the taunt portion of the skill recently removed, the damage is the only thing Blood Boil has to gain aggro. The movement speed reduction doesn't really feel like it's going to make up for the lost threat from that damage. As it is, Unholy and Frost specced Death Knights already have Desecration or Chilblains to apply a movement slowing effect with even more ease, and without sacrificing diseases.

Glyph of Strangulate - Increases the range of your Strangulate by 20 yards - This one is going to see a lot of use by PvP focused Death Knights. Really, it means that you'll be able to shut down pretty much any long range magical attacker as long as they're within line of sight. It should give you enough time to close distance or get into Death Grip range or allow yourself or a teammate to escape from a barrage.

Glyph of Chains of Ice - Your Chains of Ice causes 240 to 260 Frost damage in addition to its normal effect - This glyph honestly doesn't seem incredibly hot at first glance. The Frost damage doesn't really seem to be worth enough to bother, unless it scales.If the damage scales with AP, then this may actually see quite a bit of use by PvP specced Death Knights, who use Chains of Ice quite often to keep their prey in melee range.

Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell - Increases the duration of your Anti-Magic Shell by 5 sec but increases the cooldown by 15 sec - Anti-Magic Shell as it currently stands is very much a "reactive" power: Wait for the Spell to cast, throw up Anti-Magic Shell as soon as it has less than 5 seconds to cast, and by the time it finishes casting, you should be able to absorb the brunt of it. Will adding 5 seconds to the duration really make it much better? I'm not sure.

Glyph of Icebound Fortitude - Your Icebound Fortitude costs no runic power - If there's one consistent complaint when it comes to Death Knights, it's that its very hard to have a truly reactive tanking ability as a Death Knight. In theory, you should be using your rune cooldowns and runic power as fast as your global cooldowns allow so that you can pump out damage (and thereby threat) as quickly as possible. This is especially true for tanking, since Blade Barrier, which almost every tanking build will probably grab, does require that your runes be on cooldown.

Glyph of Death Grip - Increases the cooldown of Death Grip by 10 sec but stuns targets for 1 sec - I honestly do not expect to see this get much use. It is true that, in PvP, one of Death Grip's biggest weaknesses is that once you draw a person in, they can simply run back out again, but 1 second is barely a global cooldown, even with Unholy Presence. I'm just not sure this adds enough value. It seems better to me to have 10 seconds less to cast Death Grip again, and just count on Chains of Ice or the aforementioned Chilblains or Desecration to keep your target in range.

Glyph of Death and Decay - Your Death and Decay spell deals 10% additional damage but the cooldown is increased by 10 sec - Death and Decay is hurting right now, and no doubt. Once again, it got the nerf bat, and it's not really doing near the damage it needs to be doing. But what about this rune? If we assume that Death and Decay will be rebuffed to a more reasonable damage total, this rune might be worth playing around with for AE tanking. Death and Decay is certainly useful for establishing initial aggro on a large group, and 10% damage will only mean more threat.

Glyph of Icy Touch - Your Icy Touch does 10% less damage but generate 10 additional runic power - This rune might be useful if you're having trouble staying in runic power. The main question to ask yourself is if you can turn that 10 runic power into more damage or utility than you otherwise would have.

Glyph of Unbreakable Armor - Unbreakable Armor grants an additional 5% parry chance but no longer increases your Strength - Frost tanks may find some use for this primarily if they find they can put out enough threat but need to be able to take a bit more damage. It really will come down to a choice of threat vs. avoidance here.

Glyph of Blood Tap - Your Blood Tap no longer causes damage to you - Blood Tap causes damage? Yeah, I know, I barely noticed either. Honestly, I've never really found much of a use for Blood Tap. I almost always have a much better use to put that Blood Rune to, and any Death Runes I need I get from talents. Even if I did use Blood Tap, I'm not sure the health loss is enough to justify using this rune.

Glyph of Scourge Strike - Your Scourge Strike has a 25% chance to cause Blood Plague and Frost Fever - The problem with this glyph is figuring out what to do with the extra runes. A Death Knight lives by spending runes as quickly as global cooldowns let him spend them. If you can't find a quick use for those extra runes that doesn't throw off your rotation, it'd be better not take this skill.

Glyph of Frost Strike - Your Frost Strikes have a 10% chance to Freeze the target for 8 sec - The problem with this attack is that it's mostly chance based. Do you happen to have no diseases on your target? Are your cooldowns and rotations in such a place that you can take advantage of the freeze? Or does it disappear suddenly as you continue to whack on the mob unawares?

Glyph of Plague Strike - Your Plague Strike does additional damage for each disease on the target - Plague Strike is one of the workhorses of the Death Knight. It's the quickest and easiest way to get Blood Plague up and does a decent bit of damage to boot. The concern with this rune is whether a "perfect" rotation really needs it. If you time your rotation right, you should, in theory, be obliterating away your diseases before reusing Plague Strike.
This is a glyph whose usefulness largely will depend on the individual Death Knight and their rotation. If you find yourself recasting Plague Strike while your Blood Plague is still up, this might be useful. It will likely be used primarily if you have Annihilation or Scourge Strike.

Glyph of Rune Strike - Increases the critical strike chance of your Rune Strike by 5% but increases cost by 5 runic power - The critical strike chance increase on this glyph is pretty sweet, but is it worth the Runic Power? It depends. As an Unholy Death Knight, one has to save all their Runic Power for Unholy Blight and Summon Gargoyle, so probably not so much.

Glyph of Obliterate - Your Obliterate strikes for 20% additional weapon damage, but does 50% less bonus damage per disease - This will likely be useful for Frost and Blood Death Knights with their sole 2 diseases, especially if they have a nice high damage weapon. It's going to depend on scaling, primarily. Does the extra bonus damage on the diseases outweigh the weapon damage, or the other way around? In the long run, the weapon damage will probably win out.

Glyph of Bone Shield - Adds 1 additional charge to your Bone Shield - If you're an Unholy tank, there's probably no reason not to get this Glyph. More time on Bone Shield equals more damage dealt and less damage taken. I can't imagine not making room for it.

Glyph of Vampiric Blood - Your Vampiric Blood also heals you for 3% of your total health - 3% health is a little low. It does scale, but is it really enough to sacrifice a glyph slot? I'm not sure about that, but I tend to guess no. There's probably going to be better things a Blood tank can grab.

Glyph of Death's Embrace - Your Death Coil refunds 20 runic power when used to heal - Using Death Coil to heal is a bit of a science. You either need to be using your Ghoul as a tank (or sending him into AE damage), or timing LichborneSudden Doom has procced right when you or your Ghoul need a heal). I'm not sure it's useful in enough situations to justify taking this glyph. to be activated when you have enough runic power to target yourself and blast off a heal. Even then, all this does is gives you a slightly lower cost Death Coil (Unless you're deep Blood specced and the stars have aligned and

Glyph of Horn of Winter - Horn of Winter costs 10 less runic power - It all depends on whether you're a Horn of Winter Buff bot, or whether you find yourself using it a lot. If you use Horn of Winter a lot, and could find a better use for that 10 runic power (such as Unholy Blight or Dancing Rune Weapon or another Rune Strike), I'd say go for it. Just make sure you aren't simply overwriting a Shaman's totem.

Glyph of Raise Dead - Increases your Ghoul's total Strength by 10% - Ghouls have long felt like one of the more unfinished portions of the Death Knight's arsenal. They are fun, but they're also incredibly unpolished. They cost a whole hell of a lot to upkeep if you aren't fighting humanoids. They're also impossible to control unless you sink quite a few points into the Unholy Tree, and even then abilities seem to appear and disappear with each new build. If you have Master of Ghouls, there's a bug that's persisted for almost half a dozen builds that makes them permanent anyway.

Make sure to test first wich buff replaces another, so you don’t end up buying 3 things that give an equal buff and where one replaces the other.

This list is very easy to build up. A DK uses health and runic power, so only healing pots are needed.
Since the Super healing potions work starting from lvl 55, it are the best to get. These give 1500-2500 health.

Elixirs and Flasks
This depends on your own taste again. I find flasks to expensive to use for my DK, maybe you don’t… I stick with

Elixer of Major defense wich increases armor by 550 for 1 hour

Elixir of Major Strength wich increases your strength by 35 for 1 hour

I chose to go with roasted clefthoof
These give you 20 strength and 30 spirit for 30 minutes and can be used from the start (lvl 55)
They tend to go for quite a bit of money, but search the uncooked ones at AH wich go a lot cheaper and let a friend cook em if you cant, or just go and grind the clefthoofs for the leather (for legarmors) and you wil probably get enough of em to last you for a bit.

Scrolls again are easily overlooked but quite helpful. These items can be created by inscriptors now, and they aren’t even that expensive.
Go for the level V ranks for lvl 55 to 60, and buy level VI rank scrolls for 60+.
The scrolls available are Agility, Protection, Stamina, Strength, Intellect, Spirit. You just pick what you believe is needed, but I go for the agi, strength and stamina ones.

Lots of people tend to wait to buy gems till WotLK comes out since those will be a lot better. I totally agree with this, but you need to think of the fact that these new stones will be more rare and expensive, and that the current stones (even the blue ones) are pretty cheap. Don’t stock to much of them since gear you can socket without doing instances is not so comman in the 60-70 bracket.
Personally I go for
Bold Living Ruby +8 strength
Balanced Nighteye (Balanced Nightseye - Item - World of Warcraft) +8 attack power / +6 Stamina
I also stacked up on some uncut gems, greens and blues, to let em be crafted when needed

This is a must-check J
A few quests require questitems that you can farm already and then send to your DK. These quests are maybe not the best, but every boost of exp is nice.
I personally, once I did the DK quests, will go to EPL, do cauldronquests, gain friendly argent dawn status, and then I will do these

Name of quest: Crypt Fiend Parts
Picked up at: Eastern Plaguelands - Lights hope Chapel
Picked up from: Huntsman Leopold
Lvl needed: LvL55
Items needed: 30 x Crypt Fiend Parts

Name of quest: Bone Fragments
Picked up at: Eastern Plaguelands - Lights hope Chapel
Picked up from: Rohan the Assassin
Lvl needed: LvL55
Items needed: 30 x Bone Fragments

Name of quest: Core of elements
Picked up at: Eastern Plaguelands - Lights hope Chapel
Picked up from: Archmage Angela Dosantos
Lvl needed: LvL55
Items needed: 30x Core of Elements

Name of quest: Dark Iron scraps
Picked up at: Eastern Plaguelands - Lights hope Chapel
Picked up from: Korfax, Champion of the Light
Lvl needed: LvL55
Items needed: 30 x Dark Iron Scraps

Name of quest: Savage Frond
Picked up at: Eastern Plaguelands - Lights hope Chapel
Picked up from: Rayne
Lvl needed: LvL55
Items needed: 30 x Savage Frond

When you have these mats you can go farm aldor and scryer rep stuff (marks and armaments/tomes), cenarion rep stuff (the unidentified plantparts, coilfang armament), Sporegar rep (sanguine hibiscus), Buy a Nethergarde bitter in blasted lands to use in hellfire, buy some fertile spores, bog lord tendrils, spore caps,…
If you think of all those gatheringquests you have done, there are quite a few that give easy rep/exp.

A DK starts with backpack + 4 12slotbags.
Although new bags will come in WotLK I bought 4 Imbued Netherweave Bags for the extra bagspace.

Although most in this guide is basic knowledge, stuff all should know, it can give some less well prepared or unknowing people a bit of hints on what to buy for their DK levelling.

My bank by the way, just to give you an impression on how much you can actually save up:

More Death Knight guide !

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    World of Warcraft guide: Choosing Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra

    With WotLK imminent, some people have already chosen a level 70-80 speedroute, or are just going to go wherever they are closest to, or haven't even considered this at all.

    Anyways, I'm here with this World of Warcraft guide to inform everyone about what each zone has to offer, both good and bad.

    First off, I'll go with Borean Tundra. This zone is reached by Orgrimmar's zepplin and Stormwind's harbor; as a result of being connected to the two most populous cities, it will likely be crowded. This is where the Horde Expedition is lead by Garrosh Hellscream, and the Alliance Expedition's leader is unknown, but thought to be either Highlord Bolvar or King Variann Wyrnn. The Horde is situated in Warsong Hold, while the Alliance remains in Valiance Keep. The Quests here will include forces of Tuskarr, Scourge, Naga, and a new group of druids called "D.E.H.T.A." that plan to stop Hemet Nesingwary from his hunting. However, Hemet isn't in the Borean Tundra; he is in Scholozar Basin. This zone's pigments are mainly a dull yellow and a dull brownish-red; the scenery isn't too lush or varied. It does, however, have lots of quests and exceptional quest rewards. This also has a low-level instance called the Nexus(71-73).

    Next, we have the Howling Fjord. This is reached by a zepplin outside the Undercity, and a boat from Menethil Harbor; as a result of being connected to minor areas that are rearely visited, it will likely be less crowded. From here, the Forsaken begin their attack towards the scourge, and manufacturing the New Plague, lead by the Apothecary Society. The Alliance try to hold on to the ever-sieged keep of Valgarde, and try to gain a foothold against the forces of the Scourge and Vrykul, lead by Magistrate Randalvarr. The Horde is situated in New Agamand, a forsaken town, while the Alliance holds on to Valgarde Keep. The quests here include battling the Vrykul, Scourge, Proto-Dragons, and some of the lore of Arthas' landing in Northrend. The Forsaken's Apothecary Society is here to experiment and obtain resources to construct their New Plague with which to destroy the Scourge, and possibly more. This zone has a blue-er and green-er pigment than that of Borean Tundra. It has short rolling hills and a healthy amount of trees. There are less quests here with not-so-good rewards, but it also contains the lowest level instance, Utgarde Keep(70-72).

    Basically short and summarised, BT has more quests and better rewards, along with more reputation with the factions. It is however, quite dull at times, and possibly crowded. This is said to be best for those that want to hit level 80 ASAP.

    HF has less quests with not as good rewards, but the feeling is much more "epic" according to most beta testers, and it's rumored to be less crowded. It is said to be best for RPers and people that like Lore.

    More World of Warcraft guides!

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    SWTOR: Strategies

    Diablo III news and guides

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